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  • Never Cry Mercy
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    Never Cry Mercy

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Book: The Mortal Instruments
    • Genre: Modern Magic, Multi-Genre, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Never Cry Mercy RPG Rating



    Welcome to Never Cry Mercy, an AU shadowhunters/the magician's forum roleplaying site! We have taken and combined the settings of both shows, so while it can be useful to know them, you don't necessarily have to. We are a no-canon, original storyline only site, meaning that we do not allow canon characters of either setting/show to be played or made here. 

    While you may see recognizable faces, they are not the characters they portray in the show. The site is mostly player-driven storytelling, but occasionally throw up events, mysteries, and other exciting activities to push the narrative. We are set in present-day New York City, so dive in and join us today! 

    All the fairytales are true. Faeries, werewolves, vampires, magicians; you have probably passed them in the streets and just didn't see. Unnoticeable for the common mundanes, the so-called Shadow World exists right alongside the world we all know. The Shadowhunters are the ones who were put into this world to keep the balance on earth and protect mundanes from the demons, the forces of evil. To the day they are fighting the never-ending battle between heaven and hell, right in front of everyone's eyes but invisible for the untrained eye. 

    How long can the apparent peace be kept?

    Site Updates

    The challenge is over in the Brooklyn pack, and the challenger is left dead on the ground. What should have brought peace and unity leaves only discord and problems in its wake. The wedding of the century was interrupted by the loudly proclaimed love of the Brooklyn Beta and hours after it was called off the two went missing. A mysterious fight club has popped up in the city, and magical fliers that disappear after being read seem to hint that the anarchist group "The Void" seems to be behind it.


    Join us and forge your own path, storyteller.

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