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    Never-ending Stories - A multi-game/genre premium jcink site! 

    Where the games are made up and the points don't matter! No, you really don't get points, but we'd love to have you. 


    A multi-genre Jcink forum featuring:

    *Firefly- Post Serenity: The dusty town of Perdition Valley, the luxury cruise ship La Belle Noire, and the Calypso.

    *Smoke and Ashes: Pacific Rim, ten years post Uprising.

    *Whispers into Screams: Original (a cross between Revolution and The Stand)

    *Crossroads: AU next generation non canon Supernatural.

    *Dreamscapes: Animation Personified set in Seattle, WA

    *Hollows Ever After: based on The Hollows, book series by Kim Harrison

    *Burnt Skies: Teen Wolf, five years later CANONS

    *Off the Grid: Original seclude town set in Banff, Canada (with a Wayward Pines feel)


    View our Game Directory!


    We're transitioning into being a Profile App site! 




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