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    May 2018. Thanos slaughtered half of the surviving Asgardian population, including former guard of the bifrost, Heimdall, and the fallen prince of Asgard, Loki, in pursuit of the Power Stone contained within the Tesseract. Heimdall, with the last of his strength, cast Bruce Banner to Earth to warn the Avengers of Thanos' imminent arrival, while Thor was left to die on the floating wreck of the Asgardian rescue ship. Instead of heading to Knowhere to retrieve the reality stone, however, Thanos followed Bruce's trajectory to Earth in pursuit of the Time Stone, encountering Stephen Strange, Wong, Bruce, and Tony Stark. The subsequent battle raged across New York; in the midst of the chaos, the Eye of Agamotto - the Time Stone - was splintered, sending shockwaves across the galaxy. Thanos and his army vanished, and the Masters celebrated the abrupt, if decisive end to the conflict. They did not yet realize the extent of the effect that the cracked stone had on time and space itself...


    Earth as a whole remains largely intact, but the same cannot be said for its people, its cities, its societies. Time has fractured communities: for some, time has moved forward; for some, it has moved backwards. Friends are now strangers, and the estranged are now friends. People who should be dead are alive, and people who were once alive are now dead. Criminals interred for life sentences are free to wander the streets, having never committed the crimes they were imprisoned for. When people meet on the street, it's become customary not to ask "have we met?", but rather "when did we meet?". And while Thanos and his army have been sent back in time and space, his invasion still remains imminent. Only those who have witnessed the devastation of his army know the threat on the horizon, and it is up to them to gather the world's mightiest heroes in time to prevent the disaster, solve the problem of the broken Time Stone, and restore the universe to its original state.

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