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    Rules // Plot // Setting // Wanted // Link back

    The first bitter winds of winter have reached Cuan Áille and with them rises the death toll in Ironhaven. Samhain, a night where the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinner than usual, should have ended on the first day of November. The rising sun of the following morn should have banished the last of the free souls who remained.


    Sightings of spirits and other ghostly anomalies are not normally observed any longer by winter's arrival. Spirits temporarily returned to the world of the living during Samhain are not normally so violent, either.

    What if the veil never reclosed? What if something, or someone, has managed to tamper with the natural order?


    The chieftain of Ironhaven's priority appears to be protecting his town, thus surrounding villages are attempting to fend for themselves. Good thing the old wives tale of lining doorways and windows with salt, and arming oneself with iron, seems to be holding true as some form of protection.


    Nightborn is highly character-driven and subplot-centric. We don't require the use of RL faceclaims - you can choose between those and writing a description of your character's appearance.

    Site Updates

    January 09 2018 ★ Nightborn has reopened! I was insanely busy with college over the last two months and as a result, Nightborn's activity suffered majorly. We've archived inactive characters and threads and a fresh start is being had. 🙂

    August 23 2018 ★ Our cbox was replaced with a discord widget! You can still chat to us as a guest.

    August 19 2018 ★ Our soft-open has ended and our rules have been updated! We no longer require RL faceclaims. You can choose between those and a written description of your character. No art/animanga permitted.

    August 10 2018 ★ A dragon has attacked Edgewood! Check out our latest subplot - Edgewood's Beast.

    July 23 2018 ★ Our community is growing steadily! We still have lots of canons and want ads up for grabs.


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