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    Ready for something completely different

    Brand new site.

    Oceans of Time is an original AU set on the fictional planet Llunaq. The premise is all supernatural creatures originated on Llunaq. Think supernatural cradle of life.


    The planet is filled with supernatural creatures that dwell on the land or sea and hybrids that can do both. There is all manner of supernatural and even mythological creatures found here; only on Llunaq are all considered Llunaqi, and being supernatural is absolutely normal.

    On top of this, one of the orders has created water portals that allow travel to earth, not just the planet but also different time periods.


    There are three Orders all with predefined basic abilities and magics. Thybris (sea creatures - portal magic, telepathy and sonar), Dunia (land creatures - preternatural senses, teleportation and telekinesis), and Thynia (hybrids – have all of the magics but are not as strong as the others).  


    Within those orders, there are sects, this is where you get to state what type of creature your character is, and from there, the creativity and magic happens. From mermaids to vampires, you could be a giant squid if the muse takes you.


    There will be regular site-wide events and open role-plays. Writing prompts and other competitions as the mood strikes us.


    To open the site, we have a carnival in progress that spans the land and the ocean so all creatures can be part of it and a way for new members to jump straight into RPing.


    ALL are welcome; LGBTQ+ and all forms of diversity are highly encouraged. Non-canon, no application. We are a premium jcink forum rated 3-3-3 and an 18+ site.

    Rules and Guidelines | Discord | Lore and Environment

    September 2021 - We have a few groups forming. Water gypsies (based on Earth's pirates), a cult using the seven deadly sins and mermaids are making an appearance.  Gods, goddesses, demons and angels will arrive in October.

    17 Aug 2021 - Site open, Carnival open RP thread up.


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