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    of Myth & Men

    • Type: Original
    • Fandom: Book: Black Jewels, Book: The Mortal Instruments, Myths and Fairytales
    • Genre: Gods & Dieties, Multi-Genre, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: of Myth & Men RPG Rating



    Before humanity or even the old gods, there were The Fates. Mysterious entities who have existed in the universe since the beginning of time. The intricacies of their eternal loom is too numerous for anyone to fathom, but through it, they are able to predict the future and all its potential outcomes.


    A long time ago, The Fates prophesied The Four Horsemen would bring about the end of humanity on earth in an apocalypse. When they were spontaneously birthed from the outer vastness of space, the Horsemen, not aware of who they were or their mighty powers yet, were spread out to the different corners of the earth by the old gods - Yahweh, Lilith, Maeve, and Zeus. These beings watched over humanity, having each played a part in their creation.


    Yahweh created humanity in his image, making them merciful and compassionate so they could work together in harmony.


    Lilith gave them independence and greed, so they could choose their paths and rise and fall, by any means.


    Maeve gave them wisdom and beauty, so they could take great joy in the pleasures of life.


    Zeus gave them power and pride, so they could rule over all other living beings on earth.


    Despite the old gods’ many attempts to thwart fate, The Horsemen were eventually brought together on earth, unlocking their terrible powers as well as the memory of their purpose. A great war culminated in the heavens, resulting in the old gods sacrificing themselves to protect humanity. With their deaths, their powerful energies spread across the earth, infusing humanity with a variety of gifts and sparing only the strongest of their kinds -Angels, Demons, Olympians, and Fae- the same ugly fate.


    Though the Apocalypse occurred, it was not the end of humanity. Despite the significant loss, with the gifts bestowed upon them, humanity lingered on and, their purpose “fulfilled”, The Four Horsemen returned to the skies. However, some people say that they still walk among us, disguised, with no memory of who they are, until one day, they are needed again. And this time, who will be around to stop them?


    Three hundred years have passed, and the earth is split between kingdoms. Each kingdom varies from one another like night and day, and humanity has developed into different species based upon which old god’s energy was passed down to them. Are you blessed with godlike strength? Are you fair and everlasting like Maeve? Do you live in the shadows, feeding on others? Or are you one of the Affected without a god’s touch or magic at all?


    What is history and what is myth? Will The Horsemen strike again, or will humanity bring about its destruction all on its own?


    - - - - -
    Best described as an adult supernatural fantasy and myth site, of Myth & Men focuses on the lives of gifted humans and their unfortunate non-gifted brethren. We offer a distinctly multiverse feel that allows the smaller-scaled inclusion of Gods, Angels, Demons and Fae alongside the Blooded Humans.
    - - - - -

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