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    Best described as an adult supernatural fantasy site, **of Myth & Men** focuses on the lives of gifted humans and their unfortunate non-gifted brethren. We offer a distinctly multiverse feel that allows players easy travel between kingdoms with culture reminiscent of Ancient Rome, to others we consider modern-futuristic. Demigods with unique powers, angel-blooded Nephilim, vampiric Soulless, and fae-like Halflings make up this matriarchal world, and those Affected humans who did survive...may wish they hadn't.


    The world is still trying to rebuild since the Four Horsemen nearly succeeded in ushering in the Apocalypse. What is history and what is myth? Will The Horsemen strike again, or will humanity bring about its destruction all on its own?



    ϟ Jcink Premium platform (18+ site),

    ϟ No word count & relaxed activity,

    ϟ Optional sitewide events,

    ϟ Custom powersets,

    ϟ Kingdoms with different settings spanning Ancient Greece to modern-futuristic,

    ϟ And a wonderful, inclusive adult community (including Discord)!


    • 4/15 Update:
      • We have added a new species called Fallen to our current lineup! 2 already in-play, and other plots ongoing for "transitions" and new charries!
    • 5/11 Update:
      • What: Site-Wide Event
        Where: Colosseum in Pathiasmenos
        Map: Here
        When: May - July 301PA
        Who: Anyone can participate
      • There are 3 days of festivities for this event: day 1 = sacrificial offerings to the Gods (other religions can participate and dedicate to their preferred deities); day 2 = Colosseum events; day 3 = festival of thanks.
    • 6/8 Update:
      • Ra'a's rulers have gathered up and slaughtered their entire Inner Court. Pathiasmenos' Queen sentenced her own brother to death in a Colosseum fight against her Consort. Meas Solas has been 'gifted' a demigod son of Pathiasmenos' previous royal family. And, the Master of the Guard resigned from his role in Lev Tahor. Of course there are more people fleeing these crazy lands to the "freedom" of the Order of the Wolf -- once you pass their own newly implemented truth-serum-based intake screening... Anything can happen here, and it does if you wish it 😉

    This site does not have anyone searching for a writing partner on the Initiative. If you are a member of this site consider joining and submitting a Writing Partner Search to show off here.

    User Feedback



    Absolutely no OOC drama, very dedicated and imaginative community of adults, and openness to all player and character types. I haven't been on a site before that was this easy to just be a part of ❤️

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