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    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Movie: Disney Universe, Panfandom
    • Genre: Medieval Magic, Multi-Genre, Warring Kingdoms
    • RPG Rating: Oo-De-Lally RPG Rating

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    Forget what you know about your favorite animated movies - they don't exist here. Forget what you know about the worst character death - they didn't die here. Forget what you know about the most interesting plot - you'll be rewriting it!


    Those worlds, those stories, their deaths and trials and accomplishments are no longer relevant. Your favorite animated canon has been plucked from what they knew and placed into the land of Aeshire with it's reigning kingdoms of Aeridor, Aodach, Kesti, and Dairmyr. This is their home, this is where they were born and raised, this is all they've ever known.


    There are no memories of worlds past, no deja vu to give them a glimpse of something more, they will not one day wake up to discover it was all a dream...


    In this life are they a brave swordsman? A brilliant sorceress? Or perhaps a talented seamstress? There are endless options at Oo-De-Lally that allow you to play your favorite animated canon in a whole new way!

    Site Updates

    Hellooooo to everyone passing through our pages, whether you've been with us in past iterations, joined and left, hung out with us in our Discord for the last three months, or just discovered us for the first time today -- welcome! Oo-De-Lally is a special place to myself and fellow staff and we're all SUPER excited to finally open completely and begin anew!


    If you have any questions, comments, or concerned feel free to PM a staff member, post in the Summon-A-Staff board, or contact us via the forum's Discord on the #guest-help channel! We run things a little different than some other forums as in we use a profile application versions a thread for applications and whatnot, so if you ever need help or assistance anywhere around the site, just ask!


    If there is a movie not included on our canon list that you're interested in and it's not included on the banned movies list, let us know and we'll look into it and deliberate if it would fit in our world! If the movie is not yet out on DVD/Blu ray we will not add it until it has been released to allow time for everyone to see it and an be given equal opportunity chance to claim canons.


    Again, if you have any questions, need more information on any part of the world, or any number of other things that could pop up, let us know!

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