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  • Pern Unbound: High Reaches Weyr
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    Pern Unbound: High Reaches Weyr

    • Type: Original
    • Fandom: Book: Dragonriders of Pern
    • Genre: Sci-Fi
    • RPG Rating: Pern Unbound: High Reaches Weyr RPG Rating


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    A wherhandler has taken over High Reaches Hold and declared himself Lord Handler, starting Pern's first Wherhold. Citing the fact that whers are just as useful as dragons, he argues that they should be just as respected If the holders won't do it, they'll do it themselves. Holders from across Pern are flocking to the new wherhold, hoping for a wher of their own.

    Meanwhile, High Reaches' queenrider has died under suspicious circumstances. The junior goldrider's dragon rose and was caught and there are those that are suspicious of her, not to mention not fond of her new weyrleaders. The former weyrwoman had spoken loudly of the fact that Thread hasn't fallen in anyone's memories. This new weyrwoman has preached the opposite, that vigilance and the importance of dragons has not diminished.

    Where will you stand when Pern becomes unbound?


    • AU, Semi-Canon 7th Pass
    • Focus on the politics and fighting referenced in the first 3 books
    • No sexuality based Impressions
    • 1 noncanon colour - Reds, to offset Browns.
    • Anyone can earn a queenrider.
    • No character limit; No limit on colours.
    • Our whers do more than sit around!
    • Unique felinetamers!


    • 18+
    • 250 wordcount
    • Laid back, no post requirements


    We're taking all the difficulties and complications of Pern RP and tossing them out the window!

    That means:

    • No lesson requirements!
    • No post requirements!
    • No character limits!
    • No major colour restrictions!
    • No limitations on who gets gold!
    • No colour preferences for candidates!

    Site Updates


    Looking for:

    • Green/Blueriders
    • Holdless!
    • Wher handlers for High Reaches Hold!
    • Crafters/Holders with the potential to become handlers!
    • Weyrbrats to be candidates!
    • Felinetamers for Tillek Hold!




    In Character:

    • People across Pern are being abducted. A too-large clutch in Igen has led the Weyr to drastic measures: Stealing other Weyr's candidates, and when those run dry, anyone they can get their hands on! 


    Out of character:



    • Candidate Event - June/July - A randomized hatch!

    Wanted Advertisements

    User Feedback


       4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

    A good site with a unique sitewide plot that holds the potential to grow and become a brilliant complex thing to work with in creating interesting arcs for characters and keeping things ever interesting. 

    The site itself is well put together, it has an easy interface and the extras like firelizards are affordable and easy to earn. Everyone can look forward to gaining a Gold dragon and the double wher impression option is one that is some that could be very interesting to play around with (having gotten there yet myself). 

    All in all this RP is a nice, relaxed, interesting and nice place to just post and have fun and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a good Pern PRG.

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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    A wonderful and easy to use site, the ability to gain firelizards through events, and through the shop make them super easy.  The members are really good at taking care of themselves. As Rune stated, they took things into their own hands and got their own things started, everything from having a token hatch to flights and such. I'm an admin so as Rune is, I am also biased, but it's very easy to obtain things, and you get to start out with the ability to create some of the more rare brown or bronzes just for starting. We also added the red color, which is on par with a brown, and is available to. For a site that just started it's doing really well. There is no pressure to post, and it's a fun and easy place to escape.


    18+ with Jcink premium is nice to have too.

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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    Obviously biased, but the members on PU are wonderful. Without prompting, they've done everything from host token hatches to get flights up and going. Wanted ads and personal plots are already abundant, and there is so much more planned for the future. 


    I am legitimately excited to see where this board goes and what the future holds.

    • Love 2
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       1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

    I've been with Pern Unbound since August of 2018, and it's been a blast! There's always something interesting going on, but it doesn't move so fast plot-wise that people get left behind. It's the perfect Pern site for busy people, with no activity requirements, only periodical activity checks to make sure people are still around - you write as often as you're capable of.

    Everyone has the chance to claim a goldrider/goldhandler character, either through a contest or by being a member for a year and a half. 

    We also have feline tamers, with metasynthed big cats, and I'm looking forward to creating a cheetah handler!

    • Cheers 1
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       1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

    I've been on PU for a little over two months now, and I love it. The people are friendly and creative, the entire site is well put together, and nothing is too hard or too easy to achieve. It's a lovely RP home, and one with staying power a lot of Pern RPs lack. It's not all about thread or all about hatchings, which makes it easier to keep running between hatchings and thread fall days!

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