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  • Plain of Ice
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    Plain of Ice

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: My Fandom is not in the list, Manga/Anime: Shonen
    • Genre: Human, Modern Magic
    • RPG Rating: Plain of Ice RPG Rating
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    A reboot of a much older Bleach-based role-play that ran for over 12 years, Plain of Ice is an alternate-universe, non-canon game, set nineteen years after the end of the Winter War. Everything after the Arrancar Arc is ignored, and instead we take it from there in any direction we feel like. We're loads of fun to play with, if we do say so ourselves, and would love to have you!

    You don't have to know anything about Bleach to join us. We've gotten players completely new to the series acclimated and happily playing before, one of which is on staff now, so we can definitely do it again. ♥


    We are currently set in October of 2018, feature no required application and no stat or skill system, and are an 18+ game (for now). If you've ever wanted to just write in the Bleach universe, Plain of Ice was made for that!

    Site Updates

    April 3, 2019: We are now officially the first RPG site running on Gaia. cc:

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