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    Platinum and Pearls

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Human
    • RPG Rating: Platinum and Pearls RPG Rating



    Welcome to the beautiful and luxurious country of Monaco!


    While small in size (it is the second smallest country in the world) it makes up for in attitude and luxuriousness. Monaco has been a mecca for high rollers, hedonists, and the wealthy for hundreds of years. Ruled by His Serene Highness, King Hugh of Monaco. The King ascended to the throne when his father King Raphael died. Monaco is one of the safest countries in the world with a nearly zero percent unemployment rate. Being a tax free country appeals greatly to the rich and famous all around the world. More of Monaco’s population is filled with individuals who have moved to its beautiful landscape than were born in it.Residents of Monaco live the high life. They rarely want for anything as they can afford all of the luxuries that life has to offer. A beautiful climate, the Mediterranean Sea to one side, the Alps and France to the other. Some would call Monaco ‘picture perfect’ and the truth is, you would be hard pressed to find anyone in Monaco who would argue. Where else do you have a setting like this, with citizens like this, and a place where the royals mingle?


    The world is your oyster and the beautiful Monaco is your setting. Be Rich. Be Famous. Be Royal.

    Site Updates

    Plot/Thread Updates:

    • There is a soap opera that is filmed in Monaco! There is a request up for the cast of the show to be checked out.
    • One of the butlers is looking for a royal 'crush' connection!
    • The Princess is up to her shenanigans in the club again! Will she ever grow up? Will the King give the crown to her younger brother instead of her because of it? Time will tell!
    • When the Royals are away the mice will play! A royal staff party is happening off the grounds!


    Site Updates:

    • A couple more members of the Royal Family have joined the mix!
    • There are still several openings for the Royal Family as well as several openings for the Royal Staff. Come be royal or come work for the palace!
    • The spring/summer skin is now available.

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