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  • Reminiscent
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    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Myths and Fairytales, Panfandom
    • Genre: Modern Magic, Multi-Genre
    • RPG Rating: Reminiscent RPG Rating

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    We are a pseudo-spirit/personified panfandom roleplay set in the fictional world of Iwen; we say 'pseudo' due to the nature of our game! Let us explain: here at Reminiscent we play with canons a little differently. Instead of entering the game with your character knowing their story or even wiping their history completely, your canon has been existing within the world of Iwen as if that's all they've ever known... <i>Except it isn't</i>. Their true memories, the knowledge of their world before, is still their story! They've just forgotten it and it's up to you, through participating on-site in posts, collecting coins to spend, winning prizes during events, and more to unlock their true past!

    We encourage mingling with other canon spirits not from their canonverse, creating interesting and elaborate families and relationships... The more interwoven their web, the more intense it will be when they do begin unlocking memories. They'll learn their family isn't their family, the friends they had aren't the friends they grew up with, and their lives were completely different. Not to mention that everyone will unlock memories at a different rate, based on their preference and abilities, leaving your canon to potentially be 'in the know' before another and struggling to convince those around them. Come play with us at Reminiscent, where chaos is the default, and unlocking your truth has never been more complicated.

    Site Updates

    We've just hired three new members to the staff team!

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