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    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Book: World of Darkness
    • Genre: Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Resonance RPG Rating



    First of all, welcome to Resonance. We’re a Vampire the Masquerade (VTM) game set in Los Angeles, using the V5 ruleset. Our game takes place primarily in an Anarch setting, following the end of the Bloodlines Video Game, with the defeat of Sebastian LaCroix and the removal of the partially present Camarilla Presence.


    While our focus is on the Anarch movement and how the organization plans to maintain it's control over the city, there is a great deal more than that going on. With rumors' of the Second Inquisition amongst the city, the Kindred population has been somewhat on edge. And to complicate things further, there have been rumors' of a strange happenstance plaguing the Kindred Elders. A Beckoning of sorts, that while not all understand, many are unable to resist leaving the city-wide open to the younger Kindred to do as they wish.




    We offer players a chance to use their stats and roll dice(using the thirst bot on the discord) within threads (at the ST's discretion) to help enhance the scenes and bring forth new things you might not have expected to happen. For example we treat every new thread on the board as a new night (unless this is otherwise noted) so all Kindred characters must roll a rouse check in the beginning of their thread to check for hunger. Characters may also be asked to roll dice pools depending on what they are trying to do within a thread and would then receive storyteller input as things unfold.


    We also are offering smaller groups, of four to five players a chance to do more specialized sessions led by our storytellers. these sessions will revolve around either an already formed coterie of Kindred or a grouping that we will form upon starting the session.

    This session will be a mixture of traditional role-playing on the site, as well as things done over VC. We will be utilizing the Dice Room (located in the Discord Channel) and rolling Dice Pools in a more traditional tabletop manner using the Dice Bot ~ Thirst.

    Site Updates

    October is here and we're going strong. We've just revealed our October site Wide event.
    Which gives players & Characters an few places that they can get their spook on and enjoy the season.

    Come and join our Giovanni Family at the Empire Arms Hotel to celebrate Dia de los Muertos in style.

    And if fancy parties aren't really your thing, then the Enoch Hotel is offering a Haunt Fest for all, Kindred & Kine alike.


    There is something here for everyone.


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