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    REVERIE 💎 is a modern fantasy panfandom roleplay!

    We feature no word count, canon characters from fandoms live-action, animated, and literature alike, original characters native to the world, a relaxed questing system, and unique lore!


    ≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺


    For centuries has Revenoia existed - beauty, life, and energy once stretching across the world’s vast horizon as the Deus, gods of the elements, reign over all that they have worked together to create. Green as far as the eye could see, the six elements and the energies radiating from them were and have always been vital to the survival of the world.


    Where there had once been balance, things have shifted. These invaluable energies which brought light and life to Revenoia were snuffed out by the cruel and vicious creatures that roamed the land. The Undone, as natives of the world had begun to call them, had been twisted from the recently deceased. Unquenchable has their thirst for the world’s energies always been.


    Corners of the world shrouded in darkness, dying away, the plague of the Undone spreading and spreading, threatening to eventually reach the borders of the world’s thriving capital, Aurora - home to the source of all energies and arguably the most important place in all of Revenoia.


    Long ago was a solution discovered in the form of champions, beings called upon by the Deus themselves, torn from far off realms to live their lives anew in Revenoia. These champions, endowed with the elemental gifts of their respective Deus, have since played a vital role in restoring the energy required to continue to bring light and life to the world around them.


    And yet, for these champions, it’s as though a life unknown to them has simply gone on. Many awaken to find themselves in a home tailored entirely to their comfort with a family and a pair of cats, framed portraits proving that this is a life which has been lived for years. They have friends, they have jobs, and they are left to wonder which reality was the truth in the end?


    ・ .           .                 ✦

    .                 .            .           .       .             ✦

    ✦       ・           .                 •      .     •

    •    .             .               ✦

    ✦                 ✦

    We're Looking for Affiliates.



    jin oshiro ( stray ), subject delta ( bioshock ), fendrel sadon ( original human native ),

    heidi mckenzie ( shadowhunters ), fang yangcai ( original yuungo native ),

    sally boyle ( we happy few ), enok falk ( original yuungo native ),

    roy mustang ( full metal alchemist ), leon belmont ( castlevania ), 

    keralle terranis ( original human native ), jonathan crane ( dc comics )



    With June comes a new season: Summer !
    Check out our board updates and new event:  Cryddles !



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