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  • Royals & Rebels
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    Royals & Rebels

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Medieval Earth, Medieval Magic, Warring Kingdoms
    • RPG Rating: Royals & Rebels RPG Rating

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    Royals & Rebels is a low medieval fantasy board set in a fictional world. We have two primary kingdoms, one in the midst of a full-fledged rebellion and the other ruled by a mad king who claims to be a god and has fathered hundreds of bastards who are all fighting to rule after him.  

    Site Updates

    We have just recently celebrated our one year anniversary!  Fun events and OTYS! 


    The following are our current most wanted canons with multiple connected characters already in play.





    Balan Storm

    As a bastard son of the god-king, Balan Storm should have gotten everything he wanted. He took land and title, and the position of Lord Huntsman in his father's court- tracking down other siblings who try to hide- easily enough, but what he could never capture was the heart of obsession, Iseult Sabanok. She reciprocated the interest for a time, but instead fell in love with Malphas Storm, one of Balan's half-siblings. Seeking revenge, Balan became lover to Iseult's married sister, Lyona Valefar, fathering a child by her that he has only recently learned of, twenty-three years after the child's birth. He now finds himself promised to protect his son, Krispin, searching for ways he might prove useful in the constant struggle in the god-king's court...




    Silas Storm

    The King's Shield, another bastard son of the king and a servant woman. He clawed his way up to the top to head his father's personal guard. He takes after his father in pure sadism and is highly ambitious in his quest for the throne. Silas is utterly ruthless in his dealings with his siblings and a strong contender for the throne.



    Nimue Valefar

    When everyone is looking to take, you must be able to give... a sword to the gut. Despite discouragement from learning how, Nimue is better with a sword than most would be willing to test themselves against. She stands with her brother to protect her family against a court of wolves and snakes. It's complicated by a nephew's illegitimate lineage that could have that court knocking down the door...


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