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    Have you ever wanted to be a brave, heroic cowboy? A gunslinger with a heart of gold or not? How about a saloon girl or wealthy heiress setting her cap at all the eligible young cowboys? Yes! Sagas of the Wild West has a story for you to tell...


    Join the brave men and women of Sagas of the Wild West as they struggle to make a living in the wild and harsh Montana territory of the 1870s. The stories are set amidst the backdrop of the spectacular Montana landscape, increasing trouble with Indians, a military bully (yet to be cast), and the usual array of good guys and bad guys. We offer a wide range of writing opportunities and character roles. Sagas encourages its members to explore action, adventure, romance, and mystery of the wild west!


    Sagas of the Wild West's universe combines elements of the classical TV and movie westerns of the 1950s, 1960s, and early-1970s with actual historical events.


    Our Site Offers

    • Site wide and character driven plots with an emphasis on storytelling and character development.
    • Modern responsive website.
    • All-in-one comprehensive character profile with optional plotter and shipper fields. No approvals required.
    • Only one account required.
    • No character limit.
    • No word count.
    • No activity checks.
    We're Looking for Affiliates.

    We have moved to the spring of 1876 for our current in-character posting and added a Flashbacks forum for anyone that wants to continue 1875 threads! Join us and have some wild west fun!


    Now is a great time to move to Montana and join in the action, adventure, and romance in our fictionalized version of Kalispell. Winter is approaching!


    We just updated Sagas of the Wild West to remove the requirement for pending character bios and approvals. Please read the changes in our Character Creation Guide under the We Don't Need Any Stinkin' Approvals section.


    It's a good time to head over to Sagas of the Wild West, pardner! We are doing free-form plots (mainly one-on-ones) until after the holidays. Upcoming site-wide plots includes the building of the new fort, potential of train coming to town, and a mayoral election. It's a great time to join up.


    Addy Chappel managed to kill the rampaging bear before it killed anyone else. This ended Sagas' main site-wide plot. We're currently doing smaller free-form player plots for a little while. Soon, the intrigue surrounding the mayoral elections will start. Also, our hardy men and women of the 1875 Montana Territory are going to have to face the brutal winter.


    Sagas of the Wild West has just completed a renovation project. Come see our new look and new on-site wiki!


    We are writing the last two or three threads and finishing up The Bear, one of our site-wide plots. However, there are numerous background plots open. Our members also welcome being tagged for threads and plots. This is a great time to join this small and exciting group. We will be opening threads for the next timeframe (September - November 1875) soon.


    Sagas has updated its rules and downgraded its RPG Rating. It is now 211. 


    Now that the real world holidays are over, we are back and writing! The major plot, a giant marauding Grizzly, is moving forward as the creature nearly caught and killed some main characters. You can read the action here.  There's a new schoolmarm making her way to town and she is destined to steal some hearts. Be sure to read her arrival story in Unexpected Delays.


    The annual Founder's Day Celebration and Fair is over. Only a few people were sporting blackened eyes for the dance. Ranches and farms are facing a new challenge! A massive grizzly is raiding ranches. Both people and livestock are in grave danger!


    Sagas of the Wild West passed its one year anniversary on May 20, 2018. We are well into our 3rd episode. Please note that our site's activity is deceptive as we collaborate on post writing and tags. All episode and character-plot posts can be found here.


    We have recently started our 3rd episode, The Bear. You can view our active threads in the episode's forum.

    This site does not have any character wanted ads posted on the Initiative. If you are a member of this site consider joining and submitting a Character wanted ad to show off here.

    This site does not have anyone searching for a writing partner on the Initiative. If you are a member of this site consider joining and submitting a Writing Partner Search to show off here.

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