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    | No Word Count | 18+ | No Activity Checks | OC Friendly |
    There have always been ways between worlds. In some places they are dismissed as mere fantasy, or the ravings of the mad. In the 1950s, a man arrives by chance at an airport in Tokyo, bearing a passport from a country that doesn't exist. He vanishes again just as mysteriously as he arrived from a locked interrogation room days later. A couple driving down a lonely highway in North Carolina suddenly find themselves on a dirt road through a countryside where the houses and people look like they belong to centuries past. A fleet of World War II Bombers vanish into the Bermuda Triangle, never to return...

    In other places, the ability to step between the worlds is something well known, embraced by powerful magicians or those of strange sciences. Sometimes all a body has to do is go really, really fast.

    And then there are the Nexuses, places in between places where many worlds meet. These are far less common, but plentiful enough that occasionally an enterprising individual makes one into a bar or a tavern, or even a home.

    But what if the Nexus wasn't a place, but a person? What if it were many people, many Nexuses? What would happen to the place they all decided to call home? What would it become once forgotten, lost to snow and time until a distant ancestor of those people stumbled upon it by chance or design...

    What if when it woke up, the world found itself hungry?

    Welcome to Sanctuary.


    If you play a DC character, come check us out! We've got a cool plot in the works for you!

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