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  • Sangre Noir
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    Sangre Noir

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Human, Modern Superpowers, Multi-Genre, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Sangre Noir RPG Rating

    Social Profiles



    Site Name: Sangre Noir
    Site Link: http://sangrenoir.jcink.net/
    Software or Format: Jcink Premium
    Staff Account: http://sangrenoir.jcink.net/?showuser=1
    Type of RP: Forum-based
    Directory Category: Original RPGs in the Modern Fantasy category

    Activity: We are an old site that is currently reopening as of today. Prior to the site-wide open, we have had a one month soft open where our current members have posted daily - about two to three times a day.
    Rating: 333.png 
    Types of Characters/Creatures Allowed: We have a wide variety of supernatural creatures on our board. Vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, mages, angel/demon hybrids, angels, demons, and legendary creatures (with restrictions). And of course, humans. 
    Time where the RP is set: It is currently set in Present Time with the option to RP things that have happened in the past.



    "Supernatural beings have always existed among us. 
    We were just too ignorant and blind to see the truth.
    It was always right in front of our eyes."


    They have remained hidden in the shadows and in plain sight, ever watchful and deciding to play God, the nemesis, the friend or the lover. They have been the creators or the executioners; sinners and saints. But now that their own conflict (both in our world and in their alternate realm) has concluded, the representatives of their races have decided it is time to reveal themselves to the world of us ignorant humans. The times have finally caught up with the supernatural races and the decision to assimilate into human society is at hand. But will the others of their species just sit idly by and let it happen? Or will they do all they can to stop it? What will us humans, as a collective, do in response to this? Will we accept it or rise up against it with all of our strength?


    So come and join us. 
    Do you have what it takes to survive in this world of darkness? 
    In this world of Black Blood?


    Other Notes: We have a wide variety of canon characters and want ads. Because the Lore is very extensive on Sangre Noir, we have even provided a helpful Guidebook and "Cheat Sheet" guide for character creation. Canon adoptions are encouraged and every canon group/character has their own unique story line that the players have a hand in shaping and forming.
    Contact Details: Please feel free to contact me via discord at Eden#4675 or stop by the site's official discord server and say hello! Sangre Noir

    Site Updates

    sn storytelling
    HERE lies all the currently active story lines on Sangre Noir, as well as the characters involved in said story lines. 
    Does your character fit in to any of these story arcs? 
    Do you wish to have them weaved into it or is there a character you see available that you want to pick up? 
    Feel free to peruse each of these to keep up with the overall plots and side stories transpiring in the world of Sangre Noir!

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