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    Santa Verda
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    Santa Verda is an advanced urban fantasy sandbox forum that takes place in present-day southern California. Life in Verda County spans from the beautiful to the decrepit. Supernaturals remain legends in the world of mortals but they exist among society indiscernible from the humans that outnumber them; disorganized, somewhat isolated, and often unaware of each other. 

    After Saint Verda was burned for heresy in the city’s infancy, mysterious sigils have appeared throughout the county, rumored to grant powers and curses. 

    The lives of Santa Verda's residents will intersect in an infinite number of ways.

    Site Updates

    As of 12/3, we have 27 players and an active Discord! New skin options are in the works. Feel free to hang out in the City of Faith and Filth. 

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