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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Human
    • RPG Rating: Scalliwag RPG Rating



    Welcome to Mahone Bay, a bustling small town with spectacular waterfront views, vibrantly painted homes and shops, historic seafaring vessels, artisans at work, local beer and gourmet fare. Unwind on pristine trails and uncrowded beaches, then drop anchor for a snug rest on one of Canada's most picturesque towns.


    That angle sure is nice, isn't it? Paints the picture of a quaint town, busy enough that there's always something to do, but quiet enough that everyone still knows everyone else. This is true, for the most part. Mahone Bay has countless natives that have called the little town home for generations, though they still embrace those locals who've only been around a few years or less. It's a welcoming place, the faces always bright and the rumors that do float around the old docks are mostly harmless. Who wouldn't want to talk and gossip about the merefolk? Those creatures who call to the sailors, who are part human, part fish. Some of the natives even claim to have seen the merefolk that are rumored to frequent Mahone Bay's beaches, but who really knows the truth, right? Mermaids are just an old myth, made up by the sailors who needed an excuse as to why their catch was poor that day, or why the sea kept them out on her waters longer than most.


    Myths have a basis in truth though, and not everything in Mahone Bay is as it seems. Secrets are and bountiful as the catch and one needs to be careful in who they put their trust. So welcome, welcome to Mahone Bay and know you are forewarned: there be mermaids here. 

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    Still going strong. We're currently in the middle of our February Activity Check. Lots of canons are still open and we'd love to see them get snagged up.

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