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  • Shibui

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    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Manga/Anime: Shonen
    • Genre: Historical Earth, Human, Medieval Earth
    • RPG Rating: Shibui RPG Rating



    Shibui is an AU Naruto RP with a fun, feudal twist! We're based partially in canon lore but have an expanded class system that includes rangers, samurai, monks, mercenaries, faithful, artists, animal tamers, and more! Our time period is set in a modified feudal era so the times are simpler than the canon. We'd love to have you, so come join us and see what we're all about!


    Here are a few highlights:

    - There are currently 9 character classes to choose from.

    - Specialized classes have perks that reflect their combat concentrations.

    - Our bijuu are released during exciting site-wide events!

    - Our world is run by a shogunate government that's much more expansive and in depth than the canon.

    - Our staff exercises equality, transparency, and mutual respect within our community to ensure everyone feels welcome.

    - We have an active and friendly Discord community!

    - We're a PG-13 site.

    - You don't need detailed knowledge of the canon material to join, as we're heavily AU with our own plot/history.

    - We have unique aspects to our system you'll see nowhere else! A time well, a fortune teller, a Talents system, etc.



    The only thing we're missing is you! Join us!



    Site Updates

    Our soft opening was August 22.

    Our grand opening is planned for the beginning of October 2020!

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