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  • Skybreak

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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Steampunk & Clockwork, Supernatural, Warring Kingdoms
    • RPG Rating: Skybreak RPG Rating
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    A thousand years ago, most of the Earthen Realm was Naryu; the Naryu were an extremely intelligent and innovative civilisation, but their technological advancement cost them dearly. Through mining the earth's soulstones, minerals that generated energy that could power the Naryu machinery and automatons, even granting some measure of sentience, the Naryu caused the spiritual balance of the Earthen Realm to tip. The end result was that, through the cracks in the balance, Dark Chi seeped into the Earthen Realm, and right behind it were demons, the vicious heralds of the Dark Realm's Lord.


    While the Naryu fought against the demonic incursion valiantly, in the end, the civilisation crumbled and fell to ruin. Now, all that is left of the Naryu are some of their relics, many of their tomes, and quite a few, very dangerous automatons and machines that run somewhat rampant when activated. The chaos the Naryu unleashed spread across the Earthen Realm, threatening to destroy everything, but the Divine Realm intervened. In hope of saving the Earthen Realm, the Divine Realm chose Four masters, both of body, mind, and spirit, to become the Four Guardians. Gifted with the Twilight's Edge, a weapon of great, currently untold power, the Four Guardians battled against the demonic armies, closing the dark gates, removing the remaining demons, and purifying the tainted Chi, finally restoring balance.


    Shortly after, the Stratus Empire arose to replace the fallen Naryu civilisation. The Stratus spread across the land, with the emperor ruling to the south, and his sons ruling the other continents. When his youngest son, not yet ready to lead, took the throne after his father's untimely end, his brothers became jealous, and their jealousy and anger allowed a window for Dark Chi to return to the world. As the Stratus Empire turned on itself, an esteemed Stratus General left the Empire, and founded the Talus Dominion to the east, and the Stratus and Talus soon went to war, as more Dark Chi seeped into the hearts of men.


    Demons and corrupted animals and spirits, and restless spectres, continue to plague the land, and become more and more prominent as the days go by. Varying martial arts schools, and lone warriors, have risen to protect non-combatants from the Dark Realm's scourge, and the Naryu Sages have begun searching for warriors with the mettle to stand against the Dark Lord, as soon, he will have his claws in the Earthen Realm deep enough to open dark gates. The Four Guardians, now only legend, have yet to make appearances, but perhaps new heroes may rise where they do not.


    Skybreak is a fantasy game with medieval leanings, two warring kingdoms, rampant corruption, and mild Oriental inspirations. All you really need to know about Skybreak is written here, plus the short summaries of our races, and there are few rules on the characters you can and cannot create. What is here and what little is in the site information is literally all that there is to know. Skybreak has not been expanded beyond that, it's up to the players to give it more life. There are no "read later" documentations. What's there barely reaches 2,600 words altogether, and is all that needs to be known to get started in the world.

    Come write your epic.

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