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  • Smuggler's Blues
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    Smuggler's Blues

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Crime, Historical Earth
    • RPG Rating: Smuggler's Blues RPG Rating
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    It's 1924, and the Florida coastal city of Miami is growing at a rapid rate. Fueled by new arrivals and an influx of money, business is booming. Especially the illegal ones because the Prohibition Act of 1919, meant to make the nation a dry one, only made it more of a thirsty one. Moonshine, bootlegging, speakeasies, and a big appetite for having a good time meant that crime certainly paid and paid well as the criminals moved in to rake in the profits. It wasn't called the Roaring Twenties for nothing.


    Here is your chance to step back in time and roleplay with other fans of this fascinating era in the American experience. A wide range of roles is available. Gangster, copper, flapper, news reporter, private eye, Fed, thief, con man, gambler, jazz musician, nightclub singer, and just ordinary folk caught up in it all - all these and even more await you.


    While it is a historical-based RPG, we are not sticklers for exact history. We are more concerned with making our own fictional stories than being chained to actual events. We are going for the atmosphere, not nit-picking the details. That said, we expect our players to try as much as possible to keep their characters, their possessions, and their attitudes fitting into the 1920s, not the 21st Century. Google is your friend if you aren't sure and always feel free to ask us if you have questions.

    If you're still reading this and this sounds like your kind of game, please join us, we'd love to have you. And you may well find we are the Cat's Pajamas!


    Site Features

    • Forum software built exclusively for roleplaying.
    • One OOC account, unlimited character profiles.
    • Easy to complete character profiles (sheets).
    • No applications.
    • Ability to opt-in or opt-out of reading and writing mature content (L,S,V).
    • No word counts.
    • No character limits.
    • Minimum lore to read.
    • Discord

    Site Updates

    C'mon in, the water is fine! Smugglers has over 1566 posts since it launched in March of this year (2020) and the majority of them are in-character. We have great writers and awesome stories happening. Check us out!


    1,113 posts since March and going strong! Come and join the madness.


    Smuggler's Blues opened in March and we are at 530 posts, most of them IC. Our group is small, but dedicated to writing the best stories that we can. We're active in Discord and on our site. Drop in, kick the tires, stay awhile. We love visitors, especially those that will chat with us.


    Smuggler's Blues is approaching its 2-month anniversary. We have just hit 359 posts, most of them in-character. Come and join the fun! There are lots of character roles open with all levels of interactions available. Come and check us out and kick the tires!


    Speaking of the Roaring 1920s, Smuggler's Blues has gotten off to a roaring start. There are quite a few exciting plots being written. Come on and join the fun. We have lots of good character roles open. Head to our Wanted forum to see a list of ideas. Don't worry about duplicate jobs, we need more than one of each kind of character.

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