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  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
  • Solvitur Charta Roleplaying

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    Solvitur Charta Roleplaying

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Multi-Genre
    • RPG Rating: Solvitur Charta Roleplaying RPG Rating

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    Do you like forum roleplay?
    Do you like an active community?
    Do you love making friends?


    Then we have the place for you



    Solvitur Charta Roleplay is an active roleplay community with dedicated staff members. While we have a RPG rating of 3/3/3 (highest), our erotica sections are closed off from the public. In order to gain access, members need to go through a mandatory age verification. This has had many a positive feedback from members~

    With approximately 10 new members a week, we’re growing daily.


    Of those members, most don’t really mind if you’re new to the craft, coming back from hiatus or a veteran stretching their legs. We just want to make new friends and have fun roleplaying!
    To roleplay, we are extremely flexible, usually the game master can run their game the way they want, with any plot they want. We’re a multi-genre site for both fandom and OC roleplay.
    In our other sections, we encourage people to have mature writing discussions, or offer their writing up for feedback

    On top of all that, we also host roleplays and allow roleplay advertising on our Discord server.



    Check out our
    1x1 RP Search
    Group Searches


    Join our site



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