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  • Star Trek: USS Wolf

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    Star Trek: USS Wolf

    • Type: Original
    • Fandom: TV: Star Trek
    • Genre: Sci-Fi, Space
    • RPG Rating: Star Trek: USS Wolf RPG Rating


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    The USS Wolf, a Diligent class vessel, already nine years in service and under command of the veteran Captain Åshild Distad. From being part at various conflicts, the Wolf might have some damage here and there, but it never backed out of any battle. Now already five years in exploration and patrolling duties at the Raeya Sector Block. The Wolf faces a new predator, the large Meridian Cloud. Full of highly discharging plasma and dangerous clouds that form the beautiful colors of it. Yet within the cloud, an unknown amount of joint-species of cast away and travelers live, what happens next changes the future course of Wolf and it's crew.

    Site Updates

    Update since 6-1-2019

    • Website created
    • Added Discord
    • Added mission
    • Starting mission progress

    Looking for:

    1. Chief Flight Control Officer
    2. Assistant Chief Science Officer
    3. Chief Intelligence Officer
    4.  Chief Diplomatic Officer

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