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  • Star Wars: Galaxy

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    Star Wars: Galaxy

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Movie: Star Wars
    • Genre: Sci-Fi
    • RPG Rating: Star Wars: Galaxy RPG Rating




    Star Wars: Galaxy
    55 ABY

    The setting of Star Wars: Galaxy...

    The Galactic Alliance is the largest government in the galaxy, but it is not unified. The Galactic Alliance is comprised of the Galactic Alliance proper, the Imperial Remnant, the Hapes Consortium, and several other smaller governments. The two largest components are the direct members of the Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant. Despite controlling a vast majority of the known galaxy, the Galactic Alliance is a fragile government entity. Factionalism within the Galactic Alliance is at an all-time high. The Galactic Alliance Senate is bogged down by a variety of interests and factions, ranging from pro-militarist to those who want to divide up the galaxy and only have sector-level governments. Despite the factionalism the Galactic Alliance Senate elected to set-up a triumvirate, the Chief of State, the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Alliance Defense Forces and the First Senator of the Galactic Alliance Senate will lead the Galactic Alliance overall!

    While the Galactic Alliance struggles underneath the weight of factionalism, the Imperial Remnant flourishes underneath the leadership of the Imperial Ruling Council and the Council of Moffs. The two organizations have lead the "New Galactic Empire" as it is known in Imperial Space, to a new era of militarization and leadership. The Imperial Ruling Council, adapting from Grand Admiral Thrawn's ideals, has become a "Council Empire" with the Regent as the first among equals, holding similar power to the Galactic Emperor but still beholden to the Imperial Ruling Council and to a lesser degree the Council of Moffs.

    Despite the large presence of the Galactic Alliance and its member states, there are others who have large swathes of the galaxy, mostly in the Outer Rim. The Corporate Sector Alliance has expanded outside its area of influence, beginning to pick up systems in the Outer Rim surrounding its area. The Hutts, despite years of power and shadowy deals, have become a formidable force and have sanctioned criminal enterprises such as the Black Sun and others. The Hutts have become major galactic players and are treated with a form of respect by the Galactic Alliance and the Corporate Sector Authority, which is in the same wheelhouse as the Hutts.

    As the New Jedi Order continues to rebuild a shadowy threat from the past looms in the Brotherhood of the Sith. Is there going to be a new era of force wars? Will the New Jedi Order and its Grandmaster be able to survive the new era?


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User Feedback

King Huey

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I left roleplaying for a good six months. I was over it, I thought I had grown out of it since I have a wife and kids now. Yet, this site sent an update on a plot via an email. They had revamped the board, I made an account planning on playing before I walked away. So I headed over out of curiosity, and I fell in love. The community and the staff was amazing and understanding. We've got some really great writers on board and a staff with a "If it makes sense and you work for it, you can do it." kind of mentality. Its really fun and reasonable. They also don't mind if your life takes over, just say something and they have your back.

Response from the author:

Thank you for your review. You've become quite the contributing member and we're glad to have you!

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