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  • Star Wars Universe

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    Star Wars Universe

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Movie: Star Wars
    • Genre: Sci-Fi, Space
    • RPG Rating: Star Wars Universe RPG Rating
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    Story Thread | Characters | Event Timeline 


    Star Wars Universe is an AU Star Wars Roleplay set in the Old Republic era.  We've been around for more than 10 years, with a steady, active member base. We're open to members of all experiences and skill levels, and all kinds of characters from Jedi and Sith, to bounty hunters, politicians, Mandalorians and more. If you're interested, swing on by or hop in our Discord and say hi!


    The drums of war rise across the Galaxy


    The Galactic Republic and Sith Empire have been at peace for four years after the latter launched a devastating seven-year war. The peace — always fragile, always one wrong step away from failure — is crumbling.

    Empire and Republic allied for survival when the Archeri Chorus — a Force-sensitive hivemind determined to join the Galaxy to its “song” — overran the Hutt Cartels and nearly conquered all of Hutt Space. They turned the hivemind back at the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, destroying its superweapons in the process and scattering its broken, feral remnants across the stars.


    Disaster immediately followed victory. Rogue Republic officers, seeing their chance to avenge the bloodshed the Sith visited upon their nation, fired on their Sith allies, destroying several Sith ships and nearly dragging the Galaxy anew to all-out war.

    In the aftermath of the unthinkable betrayal, the Empire demanded those responsible be turned over. The Republic refused, and the superpowers stood at the brink of war until they reached a last-second agreement. They were to meet at Prazhi, where the treaty that ended their prior conflict was signed, and arbitrate the matter.


    For months, they prepared, and finally, when the decision came, it fell in the Republic's favor. Now the Galaxy stands on the brink of war as a seething Empress plots her next moves.


    The Republic is fortifying its borders. In the deepest recesses of the Deep Core, it is beginning a clandestine test of Project Vanguard — a horrible weapon that may hold the power to ruin entire planets. The Senate is strained between factions that call for action against the Sith and those who seek to avoid throwing the Republic into another costly war.


    The Sith thirst for revenge, but must contend with new stresses at home. On conquered Dantooine, a rebellion has risen up and overthrown the shackles of its Sith oppressors. On Ossus, a coterie of wayward Sith has been found planning to break away and create their own, “Free” Order. Yet the Empress may turn these crises into strength as she prepares to launch a campaign of terrible vengeance against the Republic.


    Trouble hasn’t come only for the two superpowers. The Mandalorian clans must contend with the sudden disappearance of their leader, Mandalore the Regulator. New claimants are eyeing Mandalore's mantle as the flagship and pride of the Mandalorian fleet comes under attack. Hutt Space, left with a gaping power vacuum in the wake of the Archeri Crisis, may turn into an open battlefield as the criminal factions vie for supremacy.

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    The Republic and Empire are moving ever-closer to war. Now the Republic is conducting a secret test of a planet-destroying superweapon, while the Empire prepares its own nefarious schemes for the coming conflict. Come check us out!

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