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    Strange Ways is a 1 month old, original supernatural premium Jcink site
     based in the fictional coastal city of Calder, Oregon.
    Calder is an eccentric cultural gem, hidden in the pristine nature of the Pacific Northwest —and a pivotal haven
    for the supernatural community, who exist just out of humanity's sight.

    Across Calder, bizarre occurrences are on the rise, changing lives for better or worse. The magic that has always bled
    through from other worlds is more unpredictable than ever, threatening the fragile equilibrium of supernatural life.

    Join our collaborative and inclusive community to help unravel mysterious events affecting Calder
    (and the dimensions beyond), explore our rich lore and politics, or just focus on character development.


    — our world is not only our own —



    Last Updated: 5.1.2021

    Site Open: March 26th, 2021
    Staff: Daniel, Lyssa, Meghansolo, Lyssa, Nem
    Current Member Count: 15
    Current Character Count:  60

    Recent Site Announcement:
    SWAYS has been open for just over a month - during which, we have accepted over 50+ member applications! Our opening was bigger and better than we could have ever dreamed. We are so pleased and humbled by the talented, exceptionally kind, and collaborative minds that have made Calder their  home. We've  also completed our first activity check, and plan to announce our first event shortly. 

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