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  • Tainted Onez

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    Tainted Onez

    • Type: Original
    • Fandom: Panfandom
    • Genre: Multi-Genre
    • RPG Rating: Tainted Onez RPG Rating
    We're Looking for Affiliates. We're Looking for Staff.




    We are a fantasy based forum that allows it's members to Role-play anything they wish, share their stories with us and show off their artist skills with Artwork and Graphics. There are no limits on Words nor Characters. Members earn forum gold and collectables by being active. If bored, members are free to make a fan-club or join one, join one of TOZ's Clubs or maybe The guilds would interest you?


    Will you join us?

    Site Updates

    Here are all of Tainted Onez's March updates for 2020.

    >Role-play Zone got a new look.
    >Home page was updated with a new look and less details for now. As we get bigger, we will update the home page.
    >Better Header. and a new size for it. 1300 by 300. ^_^

    >6 new areas to RP in. Adding sub-boards to each slowly.
    >Made a new AD for us.
    >April Prompt voting is up. but we are numbering them; not calling them by the month.
    >Boku No Hero Academia was added to Ra > Fanfiction > Anime/Manga.
    >three new RP areas where added to Forgotten Worlds.
    >Added a few new spirtes to the Spirtes shop.

    March Events:
    >None thou Twilight still has a writing event going on. Go see it here

    >I will open the stamp shop later this month or early April.
    >Daily Stamps will open once we hit 10 members(hopefully active ones) and once I update the page. (If you can code a HTML page, PM me, if you want to help that is.)
    >Noobie pages will be made and open once was hit 25 members(active ones hopefully).

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