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      Tam'nýer—a' RPG Rating

    Tam'nýer—a' is a seemingly peaceful land, that for all its lack of technology, as electricity cannot exist on this beautiful planet, is still connected whether it be for knowledge, fashion or the goods an exotic foreign kingdom can bring. Tam'nýer—a' has many wonders despite being technologically challenged with landscapes covered in flowering black-green grass, copious vibrant trees, and fauna that glow with bioluminescence and all the colours of the rainbow.

    There are bustling cities, and merchant vessels sharing the seas with pirate vessels. There are brothels, masters of glassblowing, and blacksmiths who act as alarm clocks for other residents. In the background however, and through closed doors are fights for power. To top it all off, the Ṅkhya'jra, living reclusive in the North West are just waiting to make the world burn in order to fulfill their destiny; re-birthing the Gods, no matter the cost.

    A seafaring world on the brink of war. Littered with glittering isles, inhabited by creatures as whimsical and deadly as the Human condition.

    We do monthy group calls with our Tam Fam to get a better feel and understanding of our groups thoughts and ideas they have for the world itself. We even open these meetings up to new members who haven't quite got a character going yet! We just had our two meetings this weekend and they went off with a blast! We're now in the works of working with our amazing members and developing on the underground crime and fighting rings within Puertagoe. Maybe next time you'll come join the fun!



    Our members, who we lovingly call Tam Fam, are in the works of helping us better develop our underground crime world in our biggest city! Come join the fun, see how we're doing, and join up! 



    LFRPs, Requests, & Prompts

    We've launched a new forum with Prompts! It's so exciting, because we're able to host ideas for the community and stories they can get off the ground. We're hoping that maybe you'll be inspired to join and write one of these prompts! 

    • Hades101

      Types of characters: Family

      He tends to be bit crude, as he is a brute. More brawn than brain. Took to physical activities more than books, and it shows, without question. He has a hard time sitting still, and focusing is not his strong suit which is mostly why he is the way he is.

    • Hades101

      Types of characters: Family

      She is the youngest of the To'mássœ heirs and yet is the presumed heir. This is because the family tradition is for the women of the family to be the heads. Aëstyra spent all her youth and most of her young adult life in Uwhang with her paternal grandmoth

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