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  • The Devil's Playground
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    The Devil's Playground

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Book: World of Darkness
    • Genre: Horror, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: The Devil's Playground RPG Rating



    This isn't the same city you remember. Sure it might look the same on a quick glance but so much is changed that you probably wouldn't see what's new even if you went looking for it. And truthfully its all due to an unfortunate turn of events. While the Camarilla has always been at the top holding the reigns and keeping the Vampire Community as a whole safe from the mortal world they're no longer a part of, things have been rough as of late.

    In the six months that have passed, the chaos that had gripped the city of London by its throat has passed. Control has been reclaimed by the Camarilla and those considered to be the problems have been dealt with accordingly.  There are rumors however that while the Sabbat managed to get a foothold into the city during the chaos, they weren't the only ones. Rumors going around the Kindred grapevine, that a few Werewolves have been spotted within the city and if the rumors are to be true, everything is about to change once more. 

    Something strange is going on. There is a feeling in the air, one that seems to have put most of the supernatural world on edge. Balances have been tipped and not everything is as it was.

    There has been an influx of witches going missing, starting with the disappearance of a well-known witch in the area and the complete destruction of his shop. Nobody is quite sure whether the two things are interconnected; but, it seems a bit too... convenient to be just a coincidence. There are ongoing searches for the missing witches, carried out by London's finest as well as a group of selected witches composed of the Second Star Coven and The Infinite Stone Circle.

    But no one is really prepared for the Dark Witch that rises from the dust and hell-bent on the destruction of all magic that resides within London and the surrounding area.

    Site Updates

    April's Activity check is coming to a close tonight at 12:00 pm MST.

    Things have begun to crack in the city. Alliances and Truces between faction are being drawn up and the Supernatural community of London is coming together as a unit to fight back against the darker magics that have been released upon the city. The prophecy that had been heard all those years ago about what Eldest Rosemark Witch would become, has in fact come to pass.


    And there is only one clear logical choice. The Rosemark Witch must die.



    As always. Drop by the Discord and come say hi.



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