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  • The Killing Moon
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    The Killing Moon

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Book: Harry Potter
    • Genre: Dystopia, Multi-Genre, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: The Killing Moon RPG Rating





    It is 1955 and the Wizarding World has arrived at a crossroads.


    Unrest is beginning to brew as extremist activity is on the rise. Increasingly violent attacks by shrouded individuals are countered only by a small group of vocal radicals prepared to oppose them at every turn. Corruption spreads its fingers within the Ministry, unfurling within the Wizengamot and the Department of Magical Law Enforcement until The Daily Prophet offers an edited, highly filtered version of the news. Muggleborns are increasingly persecuted in daily life, while those with purer blood are lauded.


    While the fog rolls in over wizarding London, Lord Voldemort is amassing his power in secret, aided in part by the Death Eaters who spread his rhetoric from behind clandestine masks. It is time for them to step out of the shadows.


    TKM is a Riddle-era AU Jcink Premium set in 1955. We welcome new players, creativity & flexibility with canons, and support characters & players of all races, sexualities and gender identities. TKM is an +18 only site that is character-driven and canon-based with a 3/3/3 rating. 

    Site Updates

    The Magic Thief subplot has begun.


    Ethel McMahoney is an irish muggleborn witch who attended Hogwarts like most others her age, though unlike most other children Ethel did not have a family or parents. As a very small child, she was orphaned and left in the protection of the workhouses. Ethel's childhood consisted of work in factories, of scraps, and survival. When her Hogwarts letter came she was overjoyed, but could scarcely afford transport to Diagon Alley let alone to pay for her wand, her books, cauldron and robes.
    Like much else, Ethel stole what she needed for school including a wand from a sleeping drunk behind the Leaky Cauldron.

    Now many years later after a routine wand-weighing on a visit to the Ministry, they have found a muggle-born who has actually stolen a wand. The corrupt Ministry sees this as a reason to begin inquiries into virtually every muggle-born in Britain and Ireland.
    As of June 1955, Ethel McMahoney has been accused of not only stealing a wand, but also of perjury and fraud. On March 16th 1955 the Wizengamot sentenced her to an undisclosed term in Azkaban.

    Muggleborns should expect an owl with a date and time for a hearing at the Wizengamot. Each defendant may bring up to TWO witnesses who can attest to their NATURAL magical ability, and each muggle-born attending their trial must be able to demonstrate natural magical ability without the use of a wand - this can be as simple as lighting a candle or moving a small object.

    A small taskforce of wand experts have been gathered, including one of the younger Ollivanders who will weigh each wand, assess it for allegiance, and most importantly have it assessed by Mr. Garrick Ollivander. Mr Ollivander sells most of the wands in Britain and Ireland and can usually discern the ownership, core, length and wood of a wand with a single glance. The Ministry assures that the Ollivander family offered their services freely and willingly, though, unbeknownst to the public, the Radicals maintain that they are under threats, duress, or potentially the imperius curse...


    JULY 20th 1955 - Wizengamot Vs. Swan

    The first Muggle-born trial will be that of Mr Miran Swan, an alchemist from the Diagon Alley apothecary.



    day-proph-1.jpg day-proh-2.jpg miranwiz.jpg



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