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    Post Potter ~ 18+ ~ Jcink Premium


    We're Looking for Affiliates.

    March 2017: Would love to see more MUGGLES and STUDENTS! While we have a plethora of characters all over the board (almost 600 active!) we're always on the lookout for more to help us with our plots.


    January 2018: Almost 700 characters! Students always needed, especially younger ones so if you like playing 1st, 2nd or 3rd years, please give us a try!


    March 2019: Still here, still active!


    May 2019: Our newest Bonanza is swiftly approaching, as well as the Summer holidays. A great time to join with a student or a professor character to get a head start on the upcoming new school year!


    July 2019: It's Bonanza time! Make TWO characters with NO post count waiting period! Muggles and students especially encouraged!


    January 2020: New year, new start. We're about to do a refresh of TNI, including our software and style, so here's hoping for a stellar 2020!


    June 2020: Still going strong, about to have a big change!


    August 2020: In our new home!


    February 2021: New year and hoping for some renewed activity after a slow year. Hoping everyone is looking up.


    April 2021: Our site has had a major plot event! Evil has won. Will things ever be the same again?

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    TNI was a place I enjoyed writing on for several years. Unfortunately, TNI's rules have become harsher and harsher over the course of the last couple years, and the staff members appear to be downright unwilling to step in in any situation that might require moderation and rule enforcing (repeatedly making group announcements when only 1 or 2 members are causing problems, instead of issuing warnings because the member's harassment appears to stem from "misunderstandings"). This combined with stricter rules (guests are not permitted to be in the discord without making an account or notifying the staff team that they plan on making an account, activity is pointlessly strict, as well as some older stricter rules, staff require many plots to be run by them and often turn ideas down, it is impossible to actually discuss ideas with the staff team, instead you have to submit an idea and just wait for them to decide, which makes it difficult for people to work out what might work when the initial idea doesn't), has been making TNI an incredibly hostile place for many people to be.


    In addition to the above, I contest the idea that TNI is "LGBT friendly" - people are welcome to make LGBT characters, but the staff does not step in to stop stereotyping or toxic LGBT representation, and much of the staff is low-key transphobic, blatantly misgendering people and not correcting themselves, and including gender-neutral terms only after a lot of fighting from transgender members, and with many comments about how it's "unnecessary", and insisting on asking why gender-neutral terms need to be included, and refusing to accept any explanation given.


    If you're interested in doing your own thing without larger group/world plots, and aren't afraid to stand up for yourself, TNI might still work wonderfully for you. They have a large player base which can come with its perks and the writers are talented and keep things fairly interesting. It's really easy to get sucked into character creation, and for me the thorough app lends to making new characters even more enjoyable on the site. There are always people around to talk to, and the plot talk is really great there.

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    I left TNI a while ago but have years of experience on the site through both playing and lurking.

    TNI is a special site for a number of reasons but could also do with several improvements. I’ll start with the negative before I go into the positive. Although I put a lot more explanation into the negative, it doesn’t mean I think it’s a bad game. On the contrary, I think ultimately the positives outweigh the negative and I recommend this game to anyone excited to delve into the magical world of Hogwarts with their own original witch or wizard.


    NEGATIVE: LAYOUT // disorganised and cluttered.

    Well meaning attempts to tidy up TNI only lead to even more lists and guides. Here are a few examples of this:

    Application guidelines appear in at least four different places: “Application Guidance”, “Character Creation Guide”, “Character Application” and “Pending Information.” That’s not counting all the other threads useful for people in the application process such as “Denied Applications”, “Applications for Important IC Positions”, “Sorting Hat” and “Comfort Level Worksheet.”

    “Jobs & Abilities Claims” is also called “Master Sign Up List.”

    Despite a Master List of sorts, there are a huge number of lists to “sign”. Some, such as Face Claims, Birthday List, Who’s Who and even TNI Alumni could surely be merged into the Master List. 

    The “New Members” drop-down is not comprehensive. Many of the Guides should go in here, and many of the items that are in here (such as Races and Factions) would be useful to people who aren’t New Members. If you’re not a New Member and you’re looking for info on, say, Factions, you might not find it because you wouldn’t think to look under the New Members drop-down.

    There is too much emphasis written into various rules and guidelines. Lots of bolding and bright red text. Too much emphasis is a strong sign that there is so much information that readers don’t know what to pay attention to. Rules and guidelines should be stripped down to succinctly state the important stuff only.

    The Plot and Timeline are out of date and could do with being merged. The Timeline contains lots of superfluous information, such as the birth of a semi-important character who is no longer played on the board.

    There are too many forums and subforums. Most of the players are adults, but the majority of forums are dedicated to students e.g. The Hospital Wing is a forum, Knockturn Alley is a subforum, and there isn’t even a forum for London or Godric’s Hollow. Even on the OoC side, Absentees and Fun & Games surely don’t need their own dedicated forums.

    NEGATIVE: APPLICATION PROCESS // unnecessarily harsh and exhausting.

    At this point TNI is famous for its app process being too long and too harsh. In 15+ years of roleplaying I have never encountered a process this bad.

    Apps will sometimes take weeks to be accepted. Staff will occasionally take days to read over and accept a minor edit they’ve requested. Each app must also be read over by two staff members, which makes the process even longer and introduces inconsistencies that they are not aware of, as staff have different standards.

    Despite a low word count limit for IC posts, there are numerous rules for app word counts. 5+ likes, 5+ dislikes, 200 words for personality etc. It is stated multiple times in the many application guidelines that an app will be rejected (i.e. received a “pending” notice) if it goes even one word beneath the limit. I can’t think of any reason why this should matter.

    Furthermore, why does it matter if you only put a few likes or dislikes or weaknesses or so on? Apps have been rejected for using a synonymous adjective or putting something that isn’t backed up in the personality section. The strictness of TNI’s application guidelines suggests that the staff are trying to train their applicants to be good, strong writers who create good, intricate characters. But this doesn’t work. Almost everyone receives a “pending” no matter how fascinating and complex their character, and dozens of Mary Sues, Gary Stus and otherwise badly written characters get through.

    TNI’s application process is nothing less than a boot camp for players, but it is not advertised as any kind of teaching experience and the staff don’t appear to be qualified writing teachers. So why do they treat apps as strictly as if they are marking an exam?

    The problem I think is that staff have got overly attached to the application process without really asking themselves why they do it. If their aim is to have a board filled only with complex, well-thought-out characters, this aim has long since failed.

    And it has considerable ramifications. I have seen many people give up on TNI because of the application process over the years including myself.

    Even once your character has been accepted, the wait is not over. Your account must be given a title and permissions. Players call this “getting your colours.” Sometimes this can take days.

    NEGATIVE: STAFF // one unfriendly admin

    In most cases the staff are lovely, but recently one staff member has come to dominate TNI. Although I’m sure this individual is well-meaning, he has taken his perceived power much too far. He is the strictest and most controlling of the staff members, and I think TNI will only become harsher under his control. Furthermore, he has a habit of mansplaining the Potterverse to diehard Potter fans and his tone is very blunt and defensive.

    I have noticed that there are a number of women and girls who play on TNI who have been mistreated by men in their real lives and come to TNI as an escape. It is important for this male admin to become more sensitive to this and not speak down to the many women and girls he is trying to control.

    In online forums such as these, there is always a danger of admins becoming “too big for their boots,” mistaking their meager online abilities for actual real life power and misusing it the way a CEO might misuse it in real life. Admins don’t have real authority, they are not teachers, parents or police officers, their job is to maintain a nice game about Harry Potter. Some unfortunately lose sight of this.

    I would like to see warm fuzziness as a condition for staff member, not just the time they have to uphold the rules. I would also like to see the creator, who is warm and fuzzy, take back control.

    NEGATIVE: SETTING // underused

    TNI is set in the 2050s, decades after the Harry Potter franchise, but this just seems like an excuse to get as far away from the canon characters as possible. No thought from staff or members is put into what Hogwarts and the world might be like in the future. All characters behave as if they are from the modern day.

    Despite being special in other ways, unfortunately TNI also succumbs to the lack of diversity true in all RPGs of its kind. Like in Hollywood, “fat” is considered a size 4, “plain” is a model as opposed to a supermodel, and out of almost 700 characters you will find almost no black or brown faces. Staff should lead by example by bringing in more diverse characters themselves.

    POSITIVE: PEOPLE // friendly and welcoming

    Along with almost all of the staff, the members of TNI tend to be great company. They are attentive affectionate and funny. The c-box on TNI tends to be more pleasant than c-boxes elsewhere. The creator of TNI is one of the nicest people in the place but I think is slightly lacking in the confidence to take charge and make calls. TNI is lauded as being a hugely long-lasting Harry Potter game and this is thanks to the creator alone. She should get much more credit for this and be treated appropriately. People trying to take advantage of her gentle nature does damage to TNI itself, and the game has only ever improved with her calling the shots.

    POSITIVE: ACTIVITY // large amounts of active players

    Although not everyone replies promptly, you’ll have no trouble finding threads and plots on TNI. 

    POSITIVE: WORLD // highly immersive

    TNI may be the ultimate place to play out all your Hogwarts fantasies. You can create pretty much any character you want, from a sevenyearold runaway to a rampaging troll, from a Ravenclaw prefect to the Minister for Magic. You can roleplay anywhere in the world too.


    Despite the flaws I detailed earlier, these three positives, nice people, great activity, immersive world, actually make TNI one of the best and most successful roleplays out there.

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