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    The Next Incantation
  • Adult Only
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    The Next Incantation

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Book: Harry Potter
    • Genre: Modern Magic, Mythical Creatures, School
    • RPG Rating: The Next Incantation RPG Rating

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    Edited by Cyn





    What we offer:

    • Active!
    • Low word count
    • Traditional App
    • Mature members, all 18+
    • Literate, medium to advanced roleplay
    • Original Characters only!
    • Play a student or adult. Your choice!
    • Intricate story with regular site wide plot points
    • LGBT friendly


    Site Updates

    March 2017: Would love to see more MUGGLES and STUDENTS! While we have a plethora of characters all over the board (almost 600 active!) we're always on the lookout for more to help us with our plots.


    January 2018: Almost 700 characters! Students always needed, especially younger ones so if you like playing 1st, 2nd or 3rd years, please give us a try!


    March 2019: Still here, still active!


    May 2019: Our newest Bonanza is swiftly approaching, as well as the Summer holidays. A great time to join with a student or a professor character to get a head start on the upcoming new school year!


    July 2019: It's Bonanza time! Make TWO characters with NO post count waiting period! Muggles and students especially encouraged!


    January 2020: New year, new start. We're about to do a refresh of TNI, including our software and style, so here's hoping for a stellar 2020!

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