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    The Onyx Treaty
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          All things magical and mysterious lie just beyond mortal sight. The Gods, Angels, Demons, Elves, Faeries, Vampires, Werewolves, etc all exist. They hide themselves among the human world – living in lies weaved to protect their entire existence. A long time ago, the influence of the Old Gods began to fade from human culture. It became necessary for all the other Otherworldly species to fade into the background as well, as it became clear that it was now the Humans time to flourish. In order to stay hidden from the world as is exists today the Otherworldly leaders all refer back to the same document. This document detailed the responsible and benign coexistence of everything inhuman - including the Gods themselves. It is called the Onyx Treaty.
         Over the centuries, slowly more and more humans are being born with affinities and spiritual connections to this hidden existence. Because of this, there are many who believe the time of the Treaty is coming to a close - and they will do whatever it takes to re-enter the world with the most power and influence possible. However, Human vs NonHuman isn't the only struggle to reconcile. There are many longstanding and deep-seeded...rivalries we will call them for now between the non-human species' as well.

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