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  • The Order of the Black Rose
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    The Order of the Black Rose

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Horror, Multi-Genre, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: The Order of the Black Rose RPG Rating
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    Our community is for freeform collaborative writing. While we use dice on occasion (and optionally) we do paragraph response roleplay with a 2+ paragraph minimum of sustenance, in past tense and 3rd person. We do not always expect people to meet this as we believe in "flux writing" which allows you to adjust based upon the needs of the response which is #stressfree. However, those who do not meet that average as a bare minimum may struggle to find roleplay partners in our community.

    Genre wise, we are considered “Multi Genre” Grimm dark, we lean to Modern as our main hub of RP but each realm location provides a different genre experience. The community allows for everything from romance, combat, adventure, politics, horror and more. As we tend to say, the community is what you make of it and what you seek out with partners.

    We allow for 1-on-1s, small groups, large groups, and full group events. Generally, anything over 5+ people posting order degrades to whomever you are currently interacting with while all other areas have strict posting orders to prevent chaos and allow everyone a fair moment to respond.
    Game Master (GM) staff run group events to help people mingle and generally have no extra purpose beyond this.

    GM’s also run canon-based campaigns where all characters have an opportunity, if desired, to get involved with the overarching story and effect the universe around them. These campaigns are GM run much like tabletop but without strict mechanics such that the story is always being directed, questions can be asked and yet characters can wander freely to explore without precise prompt or force paths.

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