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  • The Reckless Kind
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    The Reckless Kind

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Crime, Horror, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: The Reckless Kind RPG Rating

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    THE RECKLESS KIND is a modern supernatural site based on werecreatures and set in a fictionalized small town. Within the territory, are 7 groups who protect the land. Recently, sacred grounds around the world are being destroyed & it looks like Somerset is next. It is a race against time to prepare for an attack they know is coming, but not when. Will you help protect the last of the sacred grounds from a dark entity or will you stand against the clans for the chance to throw the world into darkness?

    Site Updates



    For the past year, the Avery clan has warned against a threat to Somerset and the coming of a great firestorm that would sweep across the territory. In the summer of 2018, an unknown enemy made their first move against the werecreatures in town. Since then, they have left breadcrumbs in the guise of destruction and death for the clans. With each attack, the enemy proves to be more dangerous than anything else Somerset has faced.

    HUNTERS have come to town and they mean to purge the area of the supernatural and any human sympathizers. They are relentless and believe themselves to be the saviors of humankind. As they continue their reign of terror, the peace between the clans will be tested and new alliances made.

    Current Plots:

    WOLVES: In November 2018, the Ulric territory was the first to be targeted by the mysterious group of hunters. In this first act of terror, the equestrian center and stables were set on fire. Many animal lives were lost. No human or werecreature casualties. It's taken the last few months and a lot of the pack's money to rebuild. The surviving animals were displaced in foster care and are scheduled to move back into their new homes in April.

    Several teams have been ordered to investigate and capture any human associated with this unknown hunter group. The Ulrics and their betas are in the process of a new strategic tactic to protect their territory without violating the most important law: Do not harm or kill a human.

    New alliances will be made in the future that may undo years worth of their peace treaty.




    BEARS: In the wake of human attacks last summer, the sleuth has relatively kept to themselves. As the empathetic and compassionate ones of the clans, they were the least to go on the offense. Instead, the sleuth has focused mainly on the care of others and the intensive training of the Royal Guard.

    March 2019 saw the destruction of Modern Kyoshitsu, the gym owned by the alpha queen, Callie Wilkes. In the aftermath of the gym's destruction, Callie has begun the slow process of rebuilding. While insurance is covering the majority, the extensive damage and need to replace machines and equipment will leave its doors closed for the next couple months. However, the bodies of the attackers retrieved from the fire have provided unexpected clues that are being investigated by the sleuth as well as increasing the distrust of humans.

    Meanwhile, the training of the Royal Guard will take place elsewhere.




    BIRDS OF PREY: The Avery cast is the quietest and least active. Since last January, the birds have witnessed the instability of their gifts. With the otherworldly threat, Winona and Diana Avery have ordered their people to remain close to home. Frequent visits to the main house are mandatory to keep an eye on everyone as well as performing cleansing rituals. Messages from the spirits continue to pour in through the cast, though many of them get lost in translation.

    In an effort to maintain the wellbeing of the birds, the alphas have excluded themselves from their other duties to the clans. Those who are in the guard are permitted to continue their work but many have chosen to take a hiatus for fear they would be a liability to their teammates.

    The human threat will eventually lead the birds and peacekeepers to form a bond that may save the territory from an all-out war between humans and werecreatures.




    CATS: Seeking members for all three prides. Canons, requests, and originals are welcome.


    • The Jackson Pride: Construction on Rosa Jackson's main house finished March of 2019. Extra rooms were created for the survivors of the Singh Pride should they want one. In the effort of companionship towards the other clans, the Jackson Pride are extending funds and donations to those who suffered during the human attacks. They have also opened up a small company to boost local businesses in the area in the hopes of helping out the town's economy. 
    • The Singh Pride: In December 2018, a group of hunters attacked the main house of the Singh Pride. Few survived the ordeal and have spent the last few months in the hospital. As they recover, members of the tiger clan will need to decide if they'll regroup as a smaller pride or align themselves with the Jackson Pride. There's also the concern for leadership as the surviving beta is now well enough to accept the new alpha role. Seeking survivors of this pride. Please see PENNY ZHOU (Deja) for more information. 
    • The Lennart Pride: Word has spread to the lion alphas of the destruction in Somerset as of late. They demand answers with the threat of exposing their spies at their arrival in town. Territory Wars are on-going in the state of Texas and the alphas will need to decide if their home is worth saving or if they should cut ties and move to SomersetSeeking leadership roles and other spies for this pride. See Hales and Deja for more information 




    COYOTES: Seeking official members of the Sons of Mayhem MC.

    coyotes continue to look into a potential traitor on the down low and have rooted out a couple of spies with ties to another local MC. Leads gathered by the inner circle have made them more confident someone betrayed them six years ago in the wendigo attacks; however, an exact name hasn't been identified yet.

    Following a discussion with the alphas, Connor has agreed to allow the royal guard to practice at Thunderdome until the gym is up and running. It's questionable what exactly the motivation is, though for now, the clans aren't looking a gift horse in the mouth, and the coyotes seem content to watch.


    FOXES: We are strongly looking for more foxes for the carnival. Canons and originals are both welcome. Please consider the Pacala children if you are looking to make a fox.

    The Pacala siblings met earlier this year and concluded that they would keep their clan in the Somerset area on a more permanent basis. Though they choose not to begin negotiations, they will be splitting up their group and infiltrating other clans to learn more.


    PEACEKEEPERS: Seeking official members of the peacekepeers 

    In light of the rise in human-based violence, the peacekeepers have begun creating a watchlist of possible problems in Somerset. Its members are native humans in their 20s, predominantly male, who lost family in the wendigo attacks and possess knowledge of weapons and silver-based warfare. Anyone on the watchlist is under surveillance from the peacekeepers, but no official move has been made against them aside from a few arrests on possibly related charges; however, the list is a tightly kept secret for fear of werecreature justice.

    There is also concern among the peacekeepers about being blamed for the attacks or for not better controlling the human population.


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