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    A full sandbox of roleplay options and opportunities on a Jcink Premium site. Here we play host to three original settings (Real Life, High Fantasy and Low Fantasy) and any fandom setting you may desire!

    Currently we have active settings in forty different fandoms/original settings - from Supernatural to The Vampire Diaries, Switched at Birth to This is Us, X-Men to Lore Olympus, but if you have a hankering to play something else, just fill out the setting request form and we will get it set up for you.

    no activity requirement | maximum fun

    Site Updates

    17 September 2020: Enjoy our new settings: The OC!


    13 September 2020: Enjoy our new settings: Young Justice, & Star Trek!


    9 September 2020: Enjoy our new settings: Dramaworld!


    6 September 2020: Enjoy our new settings: Descendants, House MD, Lore Olympus, & Riverdale!


    2 September 2020: Enjoy our new settings: Assassin's Creed, & Avengers!


    31 August 2020: Enjoy our new settings: Dragon Age Inquisition, Harry Potter, Mass Effect, Princess Diaries, & Vampire Academy!


    27 August 2020: Enjoy our new settings: Mako, Red Riding Hood, & Charmed!


    25 August 2020: Enjoy our new settings: Bitten, Les Misérables, & Resident Evil!


    23 August 2020: Enjoy our new settings: Once Upon A Time, X-Men, & Arrowverse!


    19 August 2020: Enjoy our brand-new settings: Supernatural, & Fables!


    12 August 2020: I am delighted to announce that the site has been upgraded to Jcink Premium.


    24 July 2020: Enjoy our brand-new setting: Cobra Kai!


    23 July 2020: Enjoy our brand-new setting: The 100!


    21 July 2020: Enjoy our brand-new setting: The Vampire Diaries & The Originals & Legacies!


    20 July 2020: Enjoy our brand-new setting: Pretty Little Liars!


    19 July 2020: We've added a brand-new setting: Ring of Fire!


    14 July 2020: We've added a brand-new setting: Teen Wolf!


    13 July 2020: We've added a brand-new setting: The Elder Scrolls!


    03 July 2020: We've added a brand-new setting: Shadowhunters!


    24 June 2020: We've added a brand-new setting: Lost in Austen!


    18 June 2020: We've added a brand-new setting: Percy Jackson!


    09 June 2020: We've just added new fandom Switched at Birth and are eager to welcome new members in whatever fandom they want to write!

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