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  • The Truth About Monsters
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    The Truth About Monsters

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Video Game: Dragon Age
    • Genre: Medieval Magic
    • RPG Rating: The Truth About Monsters RPG Rating



    Hello and welcome to THE TRUTH ABOUT MONSTERS. We are a Dragon Age forum set during the events of the Inquisition, but nothing is set in stone. The main quests of the story are member-driven and there's no telling how events in Thedas will pan out. Forge your story as a Canon Character or as an Original Character, make your mark on the world. 



    • Play as one of the main races: elf, human, qunari, dwarf
    • Or play as a spirit/demon
    • Collect awards and special items for your characters
    • Face claims can be a mixture of real people and art (as long as the art belongs to you)
    • We have a comprehensive list of organisations that your character can be a part of. Don't want to play a canon? Make your mark as an OC instead. Cause mischief or settle down and run your own tavern - the choice is yours!



    •  Mages offered an alliance
    • Grey Wardens recruited
    •  The fate of Empress Celene is undecided

    For the events of Origins and Dragon Age 2, please take a look at out Guidebook!



    Site Updates

    August 30th: Our opening earlier this month was a success! There are still plenty of canons left if that's your preference, and we will soon be starting our next major event - WICKED EYES AND WICKED HEARTS.

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