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    Site lore and info is based LOOSELY on mercy Thompson coupled with its lore. You do not need to know about the series to play on the site.




    In the year of 1990, the world of the Fae came out in the open. Shocking the general public and pushing fear into their very souls. The portal of Underhill opened up its doors during that year, allowing for their kind to be let out but none to be let in.


    This action of the Fae caused an uproar within mankind since they were no longer considered to be on the top of the food chain. Fear caused them to riot against the Fae who came to make a life for themselves. Since they could no longer able to turn back time, the leaders of the Fae and the human government joined hands to create a monitoring agency that will ease the human fears and keep the Fae safe. The Bureau of Fae Affairs, BFA, was born.


    A sudden peace seemed to settle on the world. With this newfound information, people slowly began to wonder what else is out there. Fate would never disappoint them.

    When the year 2002 came to be; a series of brutal murders ravaged the country over two years. Each one was more disgusting than the last one, the only thing in common....the draining of the blood. It caused countrywide panic as the killer didn't seem to care about the type of victim they chose in their murder path.


    It was not until the year 2004 when the FBI finally caught up with the mass murderer. Shinning light on just what had brought about such terror. The world was once more left in a state of shock at the discovery. A vampire, things that once more should never have appeared in this world appeared. With this introduction into the world, some Elder Vampires allowed for their Seethe to come into the light.


    Working just like the Fae before them to obtain a secure, and safe footing in this world. Once again mankind was left with a sense of foreboding in their stomachs. To compact the creatures that were outing themselves to the world; humans took to research. They started to create protectors that could stand equal to the monsters before them. In this path to creation, there were many failures, until the year 2010 when the first gifted more solid came to be. While still human in all aspects they were a level above the normal mankind. People who were gifted with certain powers allowed them to handle the so-called monsters creeping in the night.


    With this new "upgrade" the humans had finally started to feel safe. It was not until the year 2018 when they came out in the open. Unlike the ones before them, these entered the spotlight with little or no resistance. Even though they were feared just as much. While some packs did not allow themselves to be out in the open, most came forward allowing for the government to learn "some" parts of their world. This allowed them to pick and choose just what the humans knew about them.


    It has been only four years since the wolves outed themselves to the world. Now the year is 2022. While the world has slowly started to come together tensions are still high between every race.




    A tight-knit friendly 18+ community awaits~ If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. 


    We're Looking for Affiliates.

    UPDATE 001.

    After consideration we have taken off the +5/-5 rule for our faces. This has been updated on the site.


    UPDATE 002.

    The board has been updated with the current season and the current moon cycle for werewolves to use.


    UPDATE 003.

    Canon Positions have been added, these are for human only. More positions will be added later.


    UPDATE 004.

    A new FAE species has been purchased and added to the site!


    UPDATE 005.

    A new SPECIES has been purchased and added to the site!


    UPDATE 006.

    A new GROUP has been added: hunters have entered the city for a defense against supernatural.


    UPDATE 007.

    A new SPECIES: kitsune has been purchased and added to the site!







    We have a full set of badges ready and able to be used. The badges so far include; Ethnicity, Group, fun OOC, Race and even Traits. The board itself has a point system attached which will allow you to buy some rather interesting features and status badges for any future characters. We are just starting out but we have a nice community already growing. Come check us out if you have the time!



    There will be no time in which a gift box will hit the site. It could be a month from now, or two, or three. When the gift box drops onto the site you must claim it one site. They will offer items that usually have to be bought within the store.



    Want a group of your own? You are able to buy one with our point system set up! There are many different purchases they you can make and badges that you can collect when you post on the site.





    This site does not have any character wanted ads posted on the Initiative. If you are a member of this site consider joining and submitting a Character wanted ad to show off here.

    This site does not have anyone searching for a writing partner on the Initiative. If you are a member of this site consider joining and submitting a Writing Partner Search to show off here.

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