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  • This Side of Darkness
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    This Side of Darkness

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: This Side of Darkness RPG Rating
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    Humans are largely ignorant to the world around them. Especially those in a small town that has grown used a smaller, simple lifestyle. It hardly seems to occur to them that their neighbors who seemed to have "suddenly appeared" the other day, quite literally did and it isn't the recent tourist boom that Mayor Bryers helped usher in, that allowed the town to grow a bit bigger. To many, the "anomaly" is very real, but most don't speak about how their wish to escape their lives left them stepping through a portal to town. Some of the rumors of the Mayor having an uncanny way of convincing others might actually be true too, especially with her over-friendly demeanor to the newest tech company that (to many dismay) rolled into the outskirts of town. Surely, they can't possibly be connected to the recent murders or disappearances...but maybe it was other things that lurk in the wild. Most of the townsfolk will lead you to believe a lot of the legends surrounding the town are wives' tales. Elms Academy is a boarding school located in The Elms, private property specifically reversed for the school. To many, this boarding school has always been there, but not everyone seems to remember it that way. Perhaps this mysterious gem is hidden away that it’s barely recognized by the people of the town, perhaps it’s just another mystery of the Cedar Falls.


    Extended Backstory 


    The School


    Elms Oak is one of the top boarding schools in the nation. It’s a shame that some claim to have never heard of it before, but perhaps it’s secluded nature is to blame. To many, the school has been there as long as the town has, and once in a blue moon some of the students of the school can be seen interacting with the folks of the town. Very strict rules and curfews prevent students from spending too much time in the town, but there are many that seem to find ways to escape it’s hollowed halls, even against staff orders. To the unlucky souls that were sent there by parents, ages 13-18, are taught by the best of the best. The students are aware of the strange and unusual things that happen in the woods surrounding the school, as well as the town. It’s perhaps why many don’t seem to want to venture out too late into the night. To the unsuspecting mortal students, the school is heavily rooted in magic and the occult. The students of the school are very suspicious of the faculty’s ability to keep students in line, though no one would dare question these things out loud. It is not uncommon for students to go missing, though many seem to toss it up to the woods that surround the school.


    McKendrick Mansion


    Deep in the Merk Woods, a mysterious mansion is said to have appeared out of nowhere. The townsfolk (aka humans) didn't seem too bothered by the news. It was hailed as an old long-forgotten part of history. Some even remember it always being there. As for the supernaturals in town, there is a strong surge of magic coming from it that many can feel. To those exploring it (both human and supes), during the day it's an ordinary abandoned mansion, but at night something mysterious has been happening as well as reported disappearances. This hasn't gone unnoticed by the mayor who recently called for law enforcement to monitor the mansion and make sure no one trespasses, as well as increase efforts of lifeguards and law enforcement along the lakeside. The recent bodies that have been found haven't been reported to be connected to the mansion itself, but rather a careless attitude around the lake. Even with some of the recent rumors, still, there are the curious, bold, stupid, and brave that want to get a glimpse of the mysterious mansion. The truth of the matter is the two divine beings seem to be taking care of this mansion and trying to keep curious eyes out. Why it exists is still not fully known to Circe or Hecate themselves, as they are the unexpected caretakers of the manor.


    Town History


    While Cedar Falls has been deemed strange and unusual in its own right. The strangeness seemed to be a bit more commonplace, in the year 2012, before Actaeon Tech moved to the outskirts of town. Many of the townsfolk are convinced that most stories were nothing more than urban legends made by bored teenagers. In 2015 the town's newly elected Mayor Bryers began to aggressively pour time and energy in advertising the town lakes and nature walks to boost tourism. It wasn't long before Actaeon Tech got involved, donating money to Cedar Falls and offering sponsorships to various festivals. The town got used to seeing their name long before their facilities were finished in 2019. It was said that Acteon operated out of a small facility in Normont years before. Rumor has it, they were looking to expand operations right around 2015. Around 2012 the "anomaly", as many involved refer to, occurred. Many people and mostly supernaturals found themselves suddenly thrust into Cedar Falls. No matter who or what, the stories of the anomaly are very similar. A portal opens to an unsuspecting traveler. When they step through they suddenly found themselves miles from their original home, in a house/apartment with all their stuff, in a house/apartment with all their stuff. The oddest part is everyone seems to not notice their sudden arrival, it's as though they have always been there. Some folks even claim to see them as "just moving in, last week". All those that experience this anomaly have something in common before the appearance of the portals... a want to escape from their current lives. But who can they really tell, in a world that doesn't believe the strange and unusual is real?


    The truth of the matter is most strange and unusual things in the world exist and are likely your neighbor. Many supernaturals retreated to the small town of Cedar Falls (and many others) as a way to "live normal lives" among humans without any trouble. From 2012 onward things began to get a bit more complicated. Rumors of hunters and experimentations of humans and supernaturals began to spread among various supernatural communities. Many of these rumors were connected to Actaeon who was believed to be a front for a global hunting organization in efforts were to keep the supernaturals in the shadows and to protect humanity. Hunters and those that strive to put supernaturals in their place have been around to play hero for just as long as supernaturals were labeled the villains.


It's no wonder Actaeon has had their eyes on Cedar Falls for so long ever since the recent reports of anomalies reached their ears. Though the recent break out of January 2019 has added some new players to the mix. Experiments and Hybrids who managed to escape from the labs of Actaeon, perhaps they might be willing to share their story (if they even were able to remember them). 


The stage is set, are you none the wiser to the greater mysteries that walk the town? Have you found yourself flung into the middle Cedar Falls because of a wish to escape? Have you broken free from the torment and torture of Actaeon? Are you a supernatural who just wants peace or reason to cause chaos? Whoever you might be, you can ensure that your place is welcomed on this side of darkness.


    TSD is an 18+ modern-day supernatural sandbox RP driven by the characters and plots of its members. Lore will be built on as stories and characters develop. Check out extended lore for further information on portals and other elements of the plot!

    Extended Lore:

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