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  • To Walk Among Us
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    So the Gods existed? They walked among us for all our lives and though many fof their exploits are recorded for the humans, we stopped hearing about them for one reason or another. But that didn't stop them being here- its just that noone wanted to hear about them anymore. The God's powers dwindling over time, finding that they can't do the feats of miracles that they used to do in their heights of powers the belief is that as the humans begin to believe in them less they lose their abilities.  But that all changed when Dave Jones hit the papers in Liverpool, and soon Worldwide. His discovery of an artefact and an interview on "Good Morning Britain" with Piers Morgan caught the attention of all the Gods and suddenly... they understood it wasn't a lack of belief that was the key to their loss in powers. But something else entirely- they just didn't know what. But Dave Jones and his artefact were the answer, if only he hadn't gone missing. 


    We are a fictional roleplay site inspired by mythology and the supernatural set in Liverpool, UK. Influences of the site have been drawn primarily from the minds of Locke and Jojo reading the classic myths and listening to multiple podcasts but have also  been inspired by Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips and The Discworld by Terry Pratchet however the site is not a fandom of either of these.  We have no word count and believe in a player driven environment with creativity first. With in profile character applications and an active discord we are open to ideas and if you have an idea we are open to figuring out how to make it work for you! 


    We have five species available to play on To Walk Among Us: Allegories, Gods, Demis, Witches and Humans. Expanded in descriptions on our site we are always open to ideas and can direct you to the correct species that will work for you- whether thats being the concept of Time, a witch brewing potions, a Liverpool University Student just minding their own business or even a mermaid we are open to all ideas! Throw it at us and try to surprise us. 


    You want to play a God? We have eight Pantheons you can choose from! Do your research and go for it! We're entirley flexible and happy to learn about new Pantheons and Gods.

    The Pantheons

    -> Aztec

    -> Celtic

    -> Chinese

    -> Egyptian

    -> Greco-Roman

    -> Incan

    -> Japanese

    -> Norse


    Site Updates

    Grand Site Opening 2nd October 2020! 


    To Walk Among us is officially open! We are having a special opening event as listed here for things we are giving away for the opening. Jojo and Locke are very excited to start welcoming more people into our brain bug and hope you like the concept and join us too! 

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