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  • Twisted Helix

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    Twisted Helix

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Modern Earth, School, Sci-Fi
    • RPG Rating: Twisted Helix RPG Rating
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    • human cloning is always laughed off as the stuff of science fiction. but people forget that the technology has existed for decades. and where the technology exists, there are those who will use it for good ends and bad. however in the 1990s, a group, calling themselves the eugenics council, pushed the envelop of the human genome project further and created thirty clones who were of superior breeding and potential. however the scientists who created the clones discovered the ill intentions of the project, but could not bring themselves to kill the infants they had created. instead they blew up the lab, made it look like an accident that killed the infants and then scattered them throughout the us and world where they would hopefully grow up in complete ignorance of their beginnings...


    • determined to recoup their losses, the eugenics council eventually commissioned the creation of a second group of clones and watched their new team much more carefully. this group of twenty four clones was produced and just like their predecessors they had superior traits and potential...as well as a special power unique to each of them. they have been raised a perfect soldiers, trained in combat and weapons with none of the trappings of a traditional childhood. in the meantime, the council tracked down and put the first group of clones under constant surveillance so they could be brought in at any time while also searching for the second group.


    • it took twenty five years but the eugenics council has finally determined the whereabouts of their missing group of clones. as fate would have it, a majority have made their way to the greater los angeles area and three clones are already in council custody. now the olympus group has been mobilized and sent out to track, observe and then capture the missing clones and bring them back into the council's custody where they belong. however the olympus clones have never been beyond the confines of the compound they were raised in and are suddenly going from the life of a soldier to the life of a teenager in close proximity to the glitz and glamour of america's entertainment capital. it now becomes an open questions as to whether or not they will complete their mission or be overwhelmed by the freedoms of their undercover life. and above all, will the older clones, suddenly so close in proximity, ever discover their origins? particularly before it is too late and they are apprehended too?

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    • sarahdoll

      Types of characters: Other

      two dozen individuals living their life unaware they are proof of an illegal cloning experiment...

    • sarahdoll

      Types of characters: Friends,Foes/Enemies,Romantic

      LAPD characters about to stumble onto a clone conspiracy

    • sarahdoll

      Types of characters: Friends,Other

      the cutthroat world of dance is about to get stranger...

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