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  • Vesta Eternis
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    Vesta Eternis

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Cyber/Bio-punk, Sci-Fi, Space, Supernatural, Warring Kingdoms
    • RPG Rating: Vesta Eternis RPG Rating




    to Vesta Eternis, your home among the stars of Alpha Centauri. It's been many years since we left Earth, almost one-thousand years, in fact! We've been making a home on Vesta since before Earth was destroyed. Many people traveled the stars to get here, but it seems their dream of paradise was shattered as people continued in their old ways, destroying and corrupting everything. There is a slave trade, a science and magic hub, a city holding on to hope, and so many lost to the wilds of Vesta Eternis that they are innumerable. The plague of war has set upon us, will you still stake your claim in the new world, traveler?
    Vesta Eternis is a sci-fi supernatural 18+ RPG with a 3-3-3 rating. We have a small community currently, but it is an active one with many established characters and factions for you to choose from. We offer our members the ability to create their own plotlines, minor and major, as well as their own minor groups called tribes which have the ability to grow over time into major political influences in the world.

    +We have no minimum sentence count as we allow multiple lengths from IC to Novella.
    +At this time we do not have activity checks.
    +At this time we have a small character limit for our members until activity is achieved, then there is no limit.
    +We feature light lore and in depth world building threads, but most are read-as-you-go.
    +We have a points system that is easy to understand and use for lots of great rewards both in character and out of character.
    +We encourage our members to aim high in our world, no character or plot is too big or bold for us.

    If you'd like to talk to our community members and staff at large, please feel free to join our discord! It is a temporary join link, but we'll add a role if you plan on staying with us. We reserve the right to remove anyone from our discord for any reason, including spamming, solicitation, ghosting, or not joining the site after 1 week.

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