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  • Virtue in Darkness
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    Virtue in Darkness

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Modern Magic, Mythical Creatures, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Virtue in Darkness RPG Rating



    The Spring of 1692 changed everything for the citizens of Old Hallow. Up until that moment, they had remained unaware of the things that went bump in the dark. Living in harmony with the vampire king and the various other creatures who lived within the small town. They were oblivious. They did not remain so for long. 

    To most, the Spring of 1692 was the start of the Salem Witch Trials. For the four witch coven of Old Hallow, it was the start of the end. Fearing that it was only a matter of time before the world became aware of what was out there and the hunts that would follow they did the only thing they could. The four covens came together conjuring a powerful shield that would keep their small city safe. Hidden away from the rest of the world. A city as if it no longer existed.There one moment and gone the next. A modern-day Roanoke, you will find it on no map. Only talked about in whispers. The forgotten city. 

    If their new situation was going to succeed though then the citizens of Old Hallow were going to have to know the world they were now living in. The families exposed themselves and the other supernaturals. The days that followed became known as the thirteen days of chaos as the humans became aware and had to adjust to the supernatural race that lived among them. There were deaths on each side. But finally a treaty. A mayor from each side of the lines was appointed one supernatural, one human. Both working in harmony to keep their city safe. 

    The city might have started out small but in the years it has been separated from the rest of the world it has grown in numbers, a beacon to the rest of the supernatural world who wish to live their lives in harmony. For the rest, they come because they believe it is a place they can prey on the weak. They can't. They soon learn that. Peace is a fine line that constantly threatens to crack, but that is the fun of the game. 

    Know though that once you enter the city. You can't leave. They can't risk the rest of the world knowing the truth. Not that you would ever want to. The city has everything you could ever desire. And if it doesn't? Well, you can buy that for a price. 

    We would officially like to Welcome you to Old Hallow. The biggest city not on the map. The neon lights show diners that never close. Pay no mind if the waitress has a tail. Where the police wear sunglasses at midnight. There is no glow behind their eyes. Move along. The fashion industry is so hard. Especially when your boss is a real bitch, or maybe her potion that she's been brewing just went flat and she has to wait another 10 years for the plant that blossomed under an August full moon to come around. Sometimes being a witch isn't that easy ya know. 

    Not all witches make deals with the devil. Not all Vampires want to rule the world. Despite their differences, people are still people. Old Hallow finds that balance between the natural and the supernatural. The police of Old Hallow are well versed in all manors of voodoo and handguns to help fight off the forces of darkness, but there are of course those cases that need special attention. The Inquisition are the specialists. When a Vampire cartel starts to edge into Old Hallow. When a witch starts to kill people in the park to collect their organs. It's the Inquisition that is called in to clean it up and make sure it never happens again. 

    So welcome to Old Hallow. A city where your story is as interesting or as dull as you make it. Where deciding to cross the road can have ramifications. When saying the wrong thing under a full moon can cause the sky to bleed red. Where actions have ramifications. 

    Come and tell your story in a site that is as diverse as the characters you wish to make. Where there are no limits but your own imagination. A site that has no word count or character limitations. A site where your characters matter.

    Site Updates

    02/08/19 - We are currently undergoing a soft opening. 

    12/08/19 - We have had a couple of canons taken/reserved, and we have plenty of threads on site + our very first FINISHED THREAD!

    24/08/19 - After a week on holiday i am back! Which means all the advertising can begin again. Perfect time to join.

    06/08/19 - We have some amazing and awesome members who are coming up with just awesome plots. We have amazing wanted ads, and canons still ready for the taking. Our first month of being open is perfect!

    16/08/19 - We just hit 1000 posts. We have some seriously awesome members and we are always looking to expand with more!  We also have our very first site event Samhain, where anything is possible.

    27/09/19 - We have a new skin! New templates and will be introducing awards soon.

    30/10/19 - We have opened our very first challenge set, we have our first awards up, and we have our second site event to go along with our first event. Winter has come to Old Hallow, someone is determined to make things as cold as possible. Murder is happening and no one knows why.

    12/12/19 - we have made an awesome 3304 posts. We have an awesome site wide event on going. As well as our second site challenge, and its a hard one! Do you think you have what it takes? We have had some awesome members join over the last month with some awesome characters. We also have awesome wanted ads for you to take. We also have a potentially awesome site event coming up in the coming months.

    03/01/20 - Well that felt weird writing that. New Year, a little clean up and a little move around on a couple of the boards. We have a brand new plot in the works for the next couple of months which are going to potentially change the direction of the site. Its going to be an interesting time.  We have hit 4406 posts, and we have some amazing wanted ads for you to take which throw you right in the middle of the action. Our members are ready to welcome you right into things.

    23/01/20 - We have hit 5000 posts! We have some awesome wanted ads that people are just dying for you to fill. As well as some interesting plots coming to the site.

    24/01/20 - We are no a no application site. All we require is a character sheet to be filled out. You do not have to wait for any one to accept your character.  You can also auto change your characters member group through the site store. 

    18/03/20 - Wow this has been an age since i gave this a bump. Over the last couple of months we have had a couple of changes. This includes a new skin, new templates, update to all site information. New wanted ads/Canons. We have new site 'events' and have hit nearly 6000 posts, just in time for our 7 month anniversary. We are looking for new and lovely members to join our awesome community.  We are also a fully no app site. You can create your character and go and post, no waiting, no wondering, no worrying, just jump write into things. If you want to create a plot profile then thats awesome as well.

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