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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Historical Earth
    • RPG Rating: WAR CRIES RPG Rating



    THE YEAR IS 1756...

    War between New France and America’s British colonies is on the rise. Entire towns slaughtered; men, women, and children carried off into the unforgiving Canadian wilderness, never to be heard from again. Found under new French and Native American lifestyles.

    In all of this, we find five separate, but fictional areas where our stories take place. In Canada, we find the mighty Shawnee, Ojibwa, and Mohawk tribes - both settled near our French town of Le Ponte. Where further down, you will find strong and steady Fort Devereaux, where all manner of trade and battle can be found.

    Meanwhile, in Virginia, we find Markstead. A small, but humble community of settlers located just east of their own fort, Donnoley. They’ve seen an influx of captures by Natives lately - and those that remain worry for the safety of those that remain.

    Meanwhile, the neighboring town of Gatlin has been the sight of a grizzly raid itself. Having destroyed and plundered most of the town, the French and Natives have begun to march their captives into an uncertain future - having finally arrived at their fort or territories very recently. While survivors attempt rescue efforts to almost no avail. Fearing all hope may be lost.

    Choose your side wisely - because as the conflict continues to brew, so does the danger, the romance, and the drama.

    Welcome to WAR CRIES an RPG based on the French and Indian War. Make history, or become a dark chapter in it.

    The choice is yours.

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    We re-opened on August 3rd! Please come and help this site grow to its full potential!

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