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    • Movie: Marvel Cinematic Universe
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      Washing Over Me RPG Rating

    The year is 2027.


    Wanda Maximoff went off the deep end. Loki got into it with the TVA. As a Master of the Mystic Arts and Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Stephen Strange was left to pick up the pieces and help these two find their footing in the current timeline, while also cleaning up the various messes they made to the best of his ability. He, Wanda, and Loki have collected Wanda's children and Kid Loki... But they also pulled Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff from the soul stone realm.


    This has naturally caused issues with the TVA. The infinity stones that they had, useless in the current universe but still useful in the universes that they were pulled from, are now rendered entirely useless due to two souls being taken from their rightful place in the soul realm. The TVA is on a warpath for those responsible, but also to return everything to what they beleive is its rightful place.


    At the same time, Director Hayward of SWORD is still on the hunt for Vision, although this time he is hunting down the Vision that was created by SWORD, believing him to be their property, taken by Wanda Maximoff.


    The site is fairly sandbox-ey, with the above in mind. The various Factions are at political war (and sometimes physical war) with one another, pitting friends and allies against each other.


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