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    World of Ubera

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    World of Ubera

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Medieval Magic, Mythical Creatures, Warring Kingdoms
    • RPG Rating: World of Ubera RPG Rating





    House Yong of Zerrabain - the family of dragons - sends word out to any who will listen. "All those who wield a hatchling, seek our wisdom".
    Across Ubera, mysterious eggs have begun to hatch in the hands of noblemen and peasants alike, revealing rare creatures who have not been tamed in centuries. Wielders of  these mysterious eggs begin to travel far and wide to Castle Faerstrom of Perlshaw, home of the Yong's, to begin their journey as dragon riders.


    ⚔️celebrating five years⚔️

    WOUbera is a medieval fantasy RP with a welcoming community that is yours to enjoy.  Participation in main plots is unnecessary; the world and what happens in it all depends on the people in it! We have many house claims available to members, as well as the ability to create new houses and guilds. Decide the fate of these three kingdoms as they struggle to co-exist in this world.

    Please Note; we are currently looking for characters of all types, but most especially nobility in Synclar, members of the late Queen's family, as well as werewolves of the Silver Order to participate in the Synclar plotline involving who takes the throne. But if that's not your idea of fun, please feel free to join as anyone else - from nobility to peasants, from original characters to claims, we welcome all.

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    User Feedback


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    First Impression: Forest world!


    Appearance/Navigation/Overall Feel: So to start off with, it's easy on the eyes. The colors go together well and they don't feel loud to me.


    Some text blends a little too closely with the green but that's personal preference as they are readable but do not contrast well for the visually challenged (sidebar text).


    The forum images are beautiful and fit really well. I think that my biggest critique is that the mouseovers for the forum images don't really match with the beauty of the rest of the site. They seem rather bland and one-tone.


    Information: What, in this case (Rules), is a claim? To me a claim is something that I called first and now I have it. It sounds like character wanted ads that you are talking about? Perhaps clarify that or define it in your rules.


    Lot your plot page but what does "Major" and "Minor" mean in this sense? Major means everyone knows and minor means a few people know/it's a rumor? I ask as that could be important to developing a character (at least in my head).


    I think that the amount of information and thought that you put into your kingdoms is amazing.


    The houses? How would someone submit a house? It's not clear even though it does seem to state it's possible in the "About Houses" thread.


    Other Comments: Overall it's a pretty well thought out and put together site. I think that you are doing a great job and congrats on the anniversary coming up!

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