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  2. Yeah you boop that Rune! And while you do that, I will reclaim my potato!
  3. Oh god. I have favorites to the end and back. I feed bad because of it sometimes but only sometimes. They are what I call my top five: Alice Violet Elizabeth Jakeai Mordria They are each a favorite for one reason or another or specifically because of the trope they fill but they all get my TLC whenever possible (and by TLC I mean mean terrible horrible things that mess up their life).
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  5. *boops nose* Bad Rune! My potato
  6. I found my cat's secret poop stash under my bed last night.

    I've been cleaning since 3AM. It's now almost 4PM. I moved a double mattress, solo, twice. And a bed frame! I don't have a bed frame any more. No more poop shrines for the cat.


  7. Sorry the potato is a lie. The Potato is mine
  8. What's not false is the potato. And that it's mine
  9. So she tries to insist
  10. TL:DR This is two questions really: 1) How do you deal with claims of admin favoritism toward yourself as an admin? 2) What experiences have you had with getting new admin in place of the old, and what were your main concerns, or pain-points while it was happening? Background: I'm still only considered a temporary admin on our site while our main Admin figures out how much time they're going to be able to devote to the site. They've been entirely absent in an admin capacity for some time (three months or more) and log in intermediately. There are quite a few loose ends in regards to major plots and site maintenance (like managing the store) that I don't yet have the credentials to edit or manage. I plan on asking for these, but if I get full-admin status, what do you all use as checks for yourself in regards to being an admin? I bought a store item fair and square with my site credits, but the item says to contact Admin for official details. That would be ME now. How do you all deal with creating fun stories and getting items for your characters without it seeming like favoritism? Should I worry what others might think about me showing favoritism to myself? In addition to this weird thought of favoritism I'm worried of showing towards myself comes the fact that there may have to be some smudging of story-lines and character adjustments (maybe even major plot-points) if and when we transition the full site to me, particularly because previous admin do not want their characters to be anything more than NPCs. Have any of you experienced admin transitions? What was your experience as an admin or a player?
  11. Bumping!
  12. Your mum is false
  13. Your face is false
  14. Count me in! As for a month suggestion for staff to consider would be October ^_^
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    Well apparently I run a LONE Dark RPg according to my adverts. I mean instead of LONG Dark xD at -some- point I'll fix that. That point isn't now
  16. A player who is new, complains that those with a big following (who have been there for years), ignores them, when in fact, the players are just taking a break from rp because they have busy lives/important things to deal with. The same player also sends messages that are silly/difficult to respond to so they post passive aggressive comments directed to that player. People like this wonder why no one wants to speak to them, but really, it's because they handle things in a rude manner or send things that leave the receiver scratching their heads on how to respond.
  17. All my potatoes are mine
  18. Hey Vermin, late welcome!
  19. I'd be totally interested in something like this.
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    The Gifted.
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    13 Reasons Why. I have the same feelings about it as @Kittenmitten
  22. Having a late nap and waking up and staying up all night.. This is my life right now.
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    Alabama - I'm in the Mood
  24. What is your all time favorite RP Genre?
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