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I've just registered an account and I'm having trouble validating my account.

Our registration system sends out an email for you to validate your account and this sometimes hits spam/junk filters, so check those out first. If you cannot find please send an email to support@rpginitiative.com and we will work with getting your account validated ASAP.

How do I get my completed wanted ad archived?

Click on the "Report" button on one of the posts in the thread and in the note advise the staff that it is completed or that you would like it archived. The staff will take care of it from there.

How can I view new posts?

In the top menu bar mouse over "Activity" and click on "My Streams" then choose the stream that you would like to view. This is a feed that can be customized to show you new forum posts, gallery items and more. Just select the content type and time period from the menu on the left. Alternatively you can simply choose "All Activity" and it will show you everything that has been happening around The Initiative.

How do I gain access to the mature content forums?

You must place your birth date in your profile and then post a thread requesting it the Staff's eyes Only forum.

How do I tag someone in a post?

All you need to do is pop @ before their user name in a post and wait for the list to drop down as you type. Click on their username.

Why isn't there a Fantasy genre?

There is a long answer to this but the most direct answer is that "all roleplays are fantasy by definition". Since most people are referring to "magic" when they are speaking of a "fantasy" genre we have made this change accordingly for clarification especially for those of us that are Science Fantasy fans (doesn't normally include magic) and similar.


Will we ever add "fantasy" to our genres? Since we imply fantasy on all genres we find adding the word is unnecessary, so no.

How do I get my item archived/removed?

To get the right staff member's attention all you need to do is click on the "Report" button on the item you want archived and appropriate staff member will take care of it.


Note: We do not archive conversation topics.

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